6 Easy Tips To Help You Fly Away On That Dream Holiday Sooner

By Renée Ardon-Coppinger

Budgeting isn’t always the most glamorous of terms, but is worth it if it brings that long overdue magical vacation a little closer. We’ve teamed up with Flight Centre to get inspired on how we can make big financial gains when it comes to holiday savings this year. 

Here are six tips to help you embark on your dream holiday sooner.

Get Smart With Your Annual Leave

If you’re a bit light on with the precious annual leave days, it’s time to get creative with your calendar. To avoid begging for extra time off, try to shape your trip around Fridays, Mondays and public holidays. Booking between 22nd December and 2nd January 2024 for example will bank you 12 days for the price of 5. You’re welcome.

Give Thrifting A Go

You will not believe some of the insane pieces you can find at your local op shop. Most of the bigger brand stores now have ‘Gold Seal’ or ‘Designer’ racks where they’ve curated some big finds for an absolute bargain. Better still, hit up Depop or Facebook Marketplace before you click purchase on that next splurge—you must just find it for a steal.

Create A Seperate Untouchable Savings Account

We know it’s a little too tempting to dip into that savings account when your fave skincare brand throws out a big sale. Creating a separate unlinked savings account to your everyday spending will make it harder to transfer between accounts, but also hopefully keep out of sight and therefore out of mind when it comes to holiday funds.

Switch Up Your Daily Routine

Caffeine fanatics, don’t get mad for this next one. If you swap out that daily cafe coffee for a home brew, you’ll save about $2000 in 12 months to put towards sipping espresso in Italy instead. Not a coffee drinker? How about packing lunch for work a couple of extra days a week instead, or catching public transport rather than an Uber once in a while.

Make The Most Of Interest Free Financing

Not only can Flight Centre hook you up with the best deals, but they also offer interest free financing. This means you can book those amazing flight or accom deals when they pop up, even if you’re a little short on cash. You’ll then have time to incrementally pay it off.

Throw Dinner Parties Instead Of Heading Out

Of course we can’t get enough of a new opening, but in the name of our dream vacay, how about feasting at home once in a while. Whip up a main, then ask your pals to bring some sides and wine to save the awkward bill splitting at the end of the night. Bonus points for a dinner party theme (an evening in Roma perhaps?) or even a dress up. 

When it comes to your next adventure, Flight Centre is your perfect partner for letting you book your way with ease. With deals for everyone on flights, accommodation and packages, book now instore, online or via the app.

Editor’s note: This article is sponsored by Flight Centre and proudly endorsed by The Urban List. To find out more about who we work with and why read our editorial policy here.

Image credit: Renée Ardon-Coppinger

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