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Here’s What’s Happening For Dry July In Perth

By Alice Dolphin
6th Jul 2021

July is here and that means many of us are jumping on the booze-free train for Dry July. Not only is it a really great way to raise money for much needed causes, but it’s also a great opportunity to press pause, flex your sober-curiosity and lean into the amazing benefits that can be gained from going sans sauce. 

Because let’s face it, we love a drink. Just not so much the violence, road accidents, embarrassing behaviour, week-ruining hangovers and damaging effects on mental health that often come hand-in-hand with regular drinking. 

It can be a little tricky to head out when you’re trying to avoid drinking, but turns out there’s actually still a lot of ways to enjoy a drink without the alcohol. We’ve rounded up some of the best alcohol-free events and specials worthy of your sweet time.

Here’s what’s happening for Dry July in Perth.


8 July

The State Buildings

The State Buildings have you covered with an evening of good food and non-alcoholic cocktails. Start off with a delicious feast then head down for a cool basement mixology masterclass, minus the booze. You’ll learn all about how to make the perfect virgin cocktail, which is bound to come in handy for the rest of the month. It kicks off this Thursday 8 July.

Rye Or Dry July


Boboche are catering for both the drinkers and non-drinkers, so there’s no reason to split up the group. Those sticking with the booze can check out their special new rye cocktail menu. And for the Dry July folks, you can enjoy the likes of a delicious new Winter Mule, Morning Dew Sour, Dry July Punch and more. Trust us, the cocktail pros will ensure you don’t miss the alcohol one bit.

Dry July Starter Pack

Old Bridge Cellars

Hit up the Old Bridge Cellars website or head into one of their locations to have a look at their Dry July starter pack, full of all the zero percent liquids you need. Choose from either beer or wine alone, or opt in for the full combo. Boasting Heaps Normal Quiet XPA, plus a range of alcohol-free wines from Plus & Minus, you’ll be all set for the month. Available while stocks last. 

Alcohol-Free Flight And Set Menu

Heritage Wine Bar

Head over to Heritage Wine Bar for an alcohol-free flight paired with Chef Gord Kahle’s sensational $95 set menu. Before you go, swing into the wine store (or head online) and pick yourself up some gorgeous zero alcohol wine alternatives to take home for later—they’ve got a growing selection that’ll taste every bit as good as their alcoholic counterparts.

Sneakers & Jeans X Rok Kombucha 

Caballitos, The Flour Factory, Hadiqa and Varnish On King

Just when we thought the team at Sneakers & Jeans couldn’t possibly get any cooler, they’ve gone and teamed up with the legends at Rok Kombucha to create their very own fruity group booch, Strawberry Sounds—a delish fusion of Rok’s signature classic kombucha infused with raw cold-pressed strawberry, lime, hibiscus and mint. And because they’re known for taking things to the next level, their venues have collectively dreamt up a brewtiful mocktail showcase, each putting their own signature spin on the new blend. Head into their venues to sip all these booze-free boochy delights.

Free Spirit Drinks Co Launch Party


To celebrate the launch of Perth’s first alcohol-free drinks store, Free Spirit Drinks Co, the crew are throwing an epic launch party on Friday 30 July and we can’t think of a better way to round out your month of success. Enjoy a booze-free cocktail on arrival, then get set to taste your way through all their alcohol-free wines, beers and spirits, with food from Sultan Pepper, plus a Sydney mixologist to whip up some amazing virgin cocktails. This one is perfect for anyone looking to keep going with their new found sobriety.

Image credit: Sarah Hewer 

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