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Where To Buy Indoor Plants In Perth

By Anna Franklyn
18th Nov 2020

If there’s one trend we never want to see the back of, it’s the explosion of indoor greenery we are seeing everywhere in Perth at the moment. From cafes and restaurants to office spaces and your super stylish besties’ house, fiddle leaf figs and devil’s ivy plants are popping up every which way you look, and just quietly, we’re obsessed.

Ready to deck your own place out but don’t know where to start? Here are 10 excellent places to buy indoor plants in Perth.  

Little Leaf Co


The gals at Little Leaf Co have got an eye for interior styling and they’ll have your place looking lush in a matter of minutes if you give them half a chance. These guys also sell the beautiful Pop & Scott pots as well as plant stands and chalk paint in case you feel like getting creative.

Bar Botanik

North Perth

Bar Botanik doesn't just do plants, they also do coffee so your plant shopping experience is 1000 times more enjoyable! Either grab a brew before wandering through the beautiful store, or do your shopping first and then sit down and relax with a cuppa while patting yourself on the back for how great your house is going to look.

Let It Grow Studio


Take a little trip to Wangara and pop into Let It Grow Studio to get your hands on indoor plants, succulents, cacti and terrariums. The team at Let It Grow also have plenty of beautiful pots and planters so you can make sure your new plants are housed in something as pretty as they are.



Oh Stackwood, we couldn't love you more if we tried. Part creative studio, part event space and part concept store, this is one place you need to pop into if you're looking to green-ify your pad. The team here are all about supporting local creatives so go ahead and pick up a few other bits and pieces while you're there.

Hass & Co Botanics


Hass & Co is a dog-friendly indoor plant shop, so we obviously love them. If you don't have your own dog, you can always go in and have a cuddle with their most valuable employee, Misty. They also sell beautiful plants including the elusive pilea plant, as well as plenty of pots and some homewares too.

Fern and Hoogah


If you want to make a day out of your plant shopping, head to Fern & Hoogah after (or before) you’ve visited Little Leaf Co which is only a two minute drive away. Fern & Hoogah may be tucked away, but it is a must visit for those looking for new plant friends. With pot plants ranging from big to small, their funky pots and lush shrubs will be sure to up your indoor plant game.

Green Assembly

Online & Claremont

Opening up a green haven in Claremont, Green Assembly has a huge range of plants and gorgeous pots on offer. We know you’re bound to find your plant soulmate here, but if you’re someone who can’t master the art of looking after even a succulent, just a stroll around the store will leave you satisfied. If you can't be bothered actually leaving your house, then take to your computer and let your credit card loose with their indoor plant delivery site! 

Green Emporium


If you’re looking for a spin when it comes to indoor plants, Green Emporium is the place to go. They offer insanely beautiful terrariums, and what’s even better is if you have a large glass jar (or something of the sort) lying around at home you can bring it in and they’ll make one custom for you. Even if you’re not into the whole terrarium thing they still sell beloved pot plants and potters at affordable prices.

Salty Gold

South Fremantle

With indoor plants galore and plenty of beautiful hand painted pots you'll be hard pressed not to spend all your cash in a matter of minutes at Salty Gold. These guys have light weight pots from Arc and Family (so you can move your plants around 'til your heart's content) as well as smaller pots made by a local Freo ceramist so you'll have no trouble finding a little house for your new plants. And as if things could get any better, Salty Gold is also home to Threeo Cafe so you can get your caffeine fix while you shop!

Creation Landscape Supplies

North Fremantle

At first glance, you might think Creation Landscape Supplies just sells bricks and firepits, but enter the doorway on the right and you'll be very pleasantly surprised by the urban jungle they've got going on. They've got everything from teeny tiny plants that will brighten up your windowsill to huge plants that will make a statement. They've also got plenty of pretty pots, good luck choosing just one.

Dawson’s Garden World

Forrestfield, Joondalup, O’Connor and Swanbourne

Dawson’s is possibly one of the most trusted nurseries in all of Perth (they’ve been running since 1903) and their indoor plant game is strong. Pop into one of the four locations around Perth and take your pick, or head straight to their online store and get shopping. Their website is full of tips and tricks to make sure you don’t kill your plant within a month of getting it, just in case you need some help.

Succulents Of Swanbourne


Succulents of Swanbourne create some of the best succulent bowls in all of Perth. Using marble pots, concrete planters, wood or glass bowls, they come up with some stunning designs. These bad boys are the perfect present for your not so green-thumbed friends thanks to the fact they require almost zero maintenance.

Lansdale Plants


The team at Lansdale Plants grow 99% of all the plants sold right there at the nursery, and it’s clear that they know what they’re doing. Pop in and pay these guys a visit and they’ll be able to tell you everything you need to know about caring for your new baby.

Green Room Decor


Green Room Decor in Maylands specialises in indoor plants, pots and accessories and even offers consultations to style your space, whether it be your home, office or anything else you might want to greenify. These guys stock a range of plants as well as handmade pots, Sunday Collective pots, and locally made Mrs Potter Candles. So come in to Green Room Décor with your favourite four-legged friend (yep, it's dog friendly!) and get some tips on how to make your pad look as good and green as possible.

Perth Succulent Bowls


The guys at Perth Succulent Bowls make some pretty rad succulent bowls, but they also offer workshops so you can learn how to make your own bowls and wreaths. If your bowl happens to be in need of some maintenance these guys can help out there too, so there’s no need for you to get your hands dirty when your succulents start getting a bit cramped in their current bowl.

Your Local Farmers Markets


Pop down to your local farmers markets this weekend and you’re bound to find a plethora of indoor plants. Kyilla Community Famers Markets in North Perth, Subiaco Farmers Markets and the Growers' Green Markets in South Freo always have a good selection, but your local probably does too!

Need a hand keeping them alive? Check out our Guide To Indoor Plants For Serial Killers.

Little Leaf Co | Image credit: Elle Borgward

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