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Pack The Picnic Basket, Here’s Where To Watch The Sunset In Perth

By Alexis Donkin
25th Nov 2020

It may be fleeting, but it's without doubt one of the most breathtaking and relaxing ways to end your day. Here in Perth, we're the lucky ones when it comes to a glorious sunset. We can enjoy them almost all year round. Some of you reading this may be lucky enough to watch the sun cast its glow over the coastline from your verandah (jealous) others may not be—and for you, we're here to help.

Here are the most spectacular spots to watch the sunset in Perth.

Zig Zag Scenic Drive

Gooseberry Hill

Packing the camera is a must if you're heading to the Zig Zag. It arguably offers one of the most picturesque views of the sunset over our city. Not only can you watch the sky painted all shades of pink and orange, you have a panoramic view from the very south to the very north of Perth. Reverse your car up, pull out a rug (maybe take some mossie spray) and simply take it all in. We promise you won’t regret the drive up. It's only about half an hour from the CBD.

Lions Lookout Welshpool Road East


If you don't mind heading up the hill for a good view, then track a little further south from the Zig Zag and you'll find Lions Lookout. This one is a pretty well kept secret, but luckily yours truly grew up in this neck of the woods. Some would argue it offers the most unspoiled views of a beautiful sunset. Perched right on the top of the hill, there is nothing in your way. On the edge of the cliff, be sure to put the handbrake on. Once you've been, you're sure to keep going back. By the way, there's a fuel station across the road if you want to grab some snacks and occasionally coffee vans park up there too. 

Bold Park Perry Lakes Drive

City Beach

Located just eight kilometres west of Perth CBD, and less than one kilometre from the Indian Ocean, could you really argue that this spot isn't one of Perth's best spots to watch a sunset? No way. From the top of Red Hill, watch the sunset over Rottnest Island. For the photographers out there, this one's offering the perfect photo op with the lush bush in the foreground and ocean and sunset in the background. 

Herdsman Lake


Not keen to slow down too much at the end of the day, and exercise is a must? We have you covered too. Take a jog around Herdsman in the early evening, as the sun goes down stop for a moment on the eastern side of the lake. There you can watch the sun piercing through the trees and onto the beautiful placid waters below. Exercise with a view, tick.

Clancy's Fish Pub

City Beach

Why not enjoy the sunset in a rustic beachfront setting? Grab a local craft beer and some seriously good fish and chips while you're at it. This place offers a killer view as the sky turns a gorgeous burnt orange between the pines.

Point Resolution

Victoria Ave & Jutland Parade, Dalkeith

In the ritzy western suburbs hides this little piece of paradise. Quiet, calming and simply the perfect spot to capture a Perth sunset in all its glory. Hint: It's very private, maybe the spot to take someone special...

Colonial Gardens

Mosman Park

You might be surrounded by Mosman Park mansions, but this is a great riverside park area to take the dog, throw the ball and watch the sun go down at the end of a long day. There are great photo opportunities here too for you and your beloved pooch as the warm sun shines a gorgeous glow through trees and over the stunning gardens. 

Cottesloe Beach 


You're probably thinking, oh how original? But, it's surprising how many of us have lived in Perth all of our lives and never stopped to watch the sunset from arguably our most iconic beach. It's the stuff postcards are made of. Just remember to take a blanket in case it's a bit windy. 

The OBH 


It's a bloomin' good spot to enjoy a few cold ones, maybe a vino or two and some great value pub grub. The relaxed vibe and tunes mean you and some mates watch the sunset over the Indian Ocean. 

Fremantle Boat Harbour


This spot is a favourite for tourists and families. It's not hard to understand why either. After spending the day shopping and visiting the markets, digging into some of Perth's best fish and chips and watching the sunset is a must. Perhaps, head up to the deck at Little Creatures and enjoy some local craft beer on tap.

Hillarys Boat Harbour 


Head north up the coast and you'll find yourself at Hillarys Boat Harbour. In the early evenings it's a relaxing and simply gorgeous spot to take in spectacular views of the coastline. Watch as the boats make their way into the marina, and as the sky darkens the harbour lights up ready for the hype of the night ahead. If you haven't been to the Habour in a while, do yourself a favour and check it out, you're sure to love it as much the locals do.

Watermans Bay

Watermans Bay

A beautiful bay, perfect for the family or a group of friends. If you want to enjoy an evening swim, you don't need to worry about big, crashing waves. Throw a frisbee and have a barbie on the grass area. You'll find the best spots between Watermans and North Beach. This really is the perfect setting for an evening meal. Lush green lawn, rocky cliff faces and a beautiful sunset over the Indian Ocean, what more could you want? Bliss.

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Image credit: Elle Borgward

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