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Where To Find The Sunshine Coast’s Best Hot Cross Buns This Easter, According To You

By Claire Plush

Nothing quite beats the smell of a freshly toasted hot cross bun. The spices and fruit mixed with the fluffy dough create that distinctive aroma that can only mean one thing: Easter is rolling around and every bakery in town is whipping up batches of the perfect creations for our eating pleasure. 

We asked for your help on our mission to find the Sunshine Coast's best hot cross buns, and you delivered. To help you consume as many as possible before they disappear for another year, here’s where you can find 11 of the Sunshine Coast’s best hot cross buns in 2023. 

Tanglewood Bakery


Find out what all the fuss is about Tanglewood's freshly-baked hot cross buns and thank us later. The crew at this artisan bakery know not to skimp on the good stuff, so the buns are bursting with flavour and loaded to the max with raisins. The result? Plump and juicy hot cross buns with a glaze that's sublime and not too sweet.

Flinders Lane Cafe


One of our favourite Maroochy cafes, Flinders Lane does not disappoint when it comes to dishing up top-notch hot cross buns. You can pre-order your buns to pick up either Thursday 6 April or Saturday 8 April, and at a cheeky $15 per 6-pack, we're not complaining. They've nailed the flavours, with sherry-soaked currants stealing the show. 

Sunshine Coast Sourdough Co


Is it any surprise that an artisan bakery with the word 'sourdough' in its name slings up some of the Sunshine Coast's best hot cross buns? Sunshine Coast Sourdough and Co have hot cross buns available to pre-order until Saturday 8 April, for all you last-minute peeps. Their buns are made using organic flour, freshly ground spices, house made orange purée and are absolutely packed full of fruit. 

The Pastry Laboratory


The Pastry Laboratory never does anything unless it’s done perfectly. So, of course, they produce some of the tastiest and best looking hot cross buns around. Dive into the soft, milky buns, full of fruit or chocolate and you’ll be hooked. Lightly spiced and pleasantly fruity or decadently chocolatey, they’re absolutely worth the jaunt to The Pastry Laboratory and we guarantee one bite of these buns will have you coming back for more. Drool.

Dutchy’s Bakehouse

Sippy Downs and Brightwater

A fourth-generation baker, it’s understandable why Dutchy keeps his cards close when it comes to the secret ingredients in his insanely good hot cross buns. But what we can reveal is they are fluffy, spicy, studded with the sweetest sultanas, and smell amazing. They also have gluten-free and chocolate hot cross bun options, too. With locations in both Sippy Downs and Brightwater, and some very hungry regulars, we recommend visiting early to get your hot cross bun fix.

Walter’s Artisan Bread

Various Locations

Another business we’re toting as making some of the best hot cross buns on the Sunshine Coast, is Woombye wholesaler Walter’s Artisan Bread. Strictly certified organic, sourdough and handmade, the buns at Walter’s take no short cuts in the baking process and have a booming business across the region, sold at most of the organic shops and delis. Think: B-Fresh, Bioshop Noosa, Co-op Maleny, Kunara Marketplace and Organika. They’re also available at IGAs in Maleny and Maroochydore, so no excuses for not trying these great balls of spice. 

Harvest Breads


When an artisan bread shop jumps on the Easter train you know you’re in for a hell of a fruit bun ride. At Harvest Breads, they’ll be pumping out traditional hot cross buns with hints of cinnamon and mixed spice on the daily. They're the oh-so-perfect combination of sweet yet spicy and doughy yet butter. You don't even need to schmear them with butter, but we won't judge  you if you do.

Ricks Artisan Pies & Sourdough


Picture this: a cozy morning with a Ricks hot cross bun in one hand and hot coffee in the other—could it get any better than this? We're definitely thinking not. Swing by Monday, Wednesday, Friday or Saturday and you'll score a freshly-baked traditional hot cross bun, while on Tuesdays and Wednesdays they're whipping up chocolate buns. These guys have nailed the all-important fruit to dough ratio, and for them it's a recreation of the classic. 

Kenilworth Country Bakery

Kenilworth & Mooloolaba

Not only is Kenilworth Country Bakery a local legend, it's also Aussie-renowned as being one of the best bakeries in the nation. So it's a given that these guys will be serving up some of the best hot cross buns on the Sunshine Coast this year. They just know how to create the perfect bun in time for Easter and even sprinkle their master creations with a light dusting of sugar. These perfect treats will have you craving them all year long. Home delivery on the Sunshine Coast is now available, but it is a first in best dressed scenario, so don’t mull over it. 

Walters Artisan Bread


Walter’s Artisan Bread is a family-run wholesale bakery with the ethos of baking fermented sourdough bread from organic ingredients free from pesticides and preservatives. Trust us, you can taste the difference. Their hot cross buns are no different and should be on your must-eat list this Easter.

Peregian Beach Bakery

Peregian Beach 

It’s an apricot affair at Peregian Beach Bakery with the secret here being just a hint of the furry orange fruit. Also featuring in the buns are dates, sultanas, currants and the all-important spice (they even import their spices from Belgium). All of their buns are hand-made fresh daily, plus there are no preservatives and hidden nasties. Plus, they're open all Easter long weekend so you can pop in for a last-minute feast. 

Now that you've snagged your own pack of hot cross buns to take home, it's time to fill that hole in your stomach at the Sunshine Coast's best brunch spots.

Image credit: Ben Tyres

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