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50 More Things To Do In Sydney Under $50

By Jessica Best - 13 Jan 2017

things to do under 50 in sydney

Reality check. Sydney’s expensive and we haven’t quite mastered the art of “saving”... whatever that is. 

This is the list for when you had money. Spent it. Then had no money. Then somehow spent some more. 

Bypass the usual budget bonanzas (how many damn coastal walks can one actually do?) and check out these seriously awesome things to do in Sydney under $50!

  1. Run across a sea of inflatables at Penrith Waterpark.
  2. Get fit (or stack-it while trying) and go for a bike ride around Sydney.
  3. Aerial art class anyone? It won’t break the bank and you’ll look majestic AF.
  4. Take a day trip to Wattamolla National Park. Because everyone loves a good cliff jump into a lagoon.
  5. Visit the Chinese Garden of Friendship in Darling Harbour for $6. That leaves $44 to spend on food. Hell yeah.
  6. Go to a super, duper secret underground cinema.
  7. Rollercoaster ziplines exist. Go.
  8. Take yourself for an urban picnic in the Paddington Reservoir Garden. It’s pretty and you won’t regret it.
  9. Two words: pub specials
  10. Get yourself to the Old Fitzroy Theatre. Cue cheap eats, beer and theatre. And it’s all hella good.
  11. Go stargazing at Sydney Observatory.
  12. Hungry but strapped for cash? Fear not, check out Sydney’s best cheap eats
  13. Cry your eyes out (and pee your pants a little) from laughter at the Comedy Lounge. Tickets are $10.
  14. Take a thrilling leap of faith and survive it. Boom. Instant bragging rights forever.
  15. If you have the guts, Paniq Room is the ultimate extreme date and adventure mission. Your job? Solve puzzles and break the codes to escape.
  16. Spend a day free climbing (or if you’re like us, falling) at 9 degrees.
  17. It’s an hour drive from Sydney but hit up the high ropes course at Grose River Park
  18. Go bowling. Lawn bowls, strike bowling or both.
  19. Make like Ryan Gosling and rent a rowboat at Audley Boatshed.
  20. Spend a day paddle boarding at Avalon SUP.
  21. If you’ve already scored yourself a tent, go camping at Bents Basin. There are picnic grounds, swimming holes, rapids, rock jumps… sorry who said you need money to have fun?
  22. Athletic or (most likely) not, you’re going wakeboarding.
  23. We’re never too old (or broke) to parkour the shiz (or at least pretend to) out of Flip Out.
  24. Grab some of the best fish and chips around at Ocean Foods in Drummoyne. It beats fishing for anything yourself.
  25. Pull your crew in and split your dosh on some of Sydney’s best cocktail jugs
  26. Make a mess and leave no survivors, isn’t it time you went paintballin’?
  27. Channel your inner Beyonce and take a dance class at Dance Central Sydney.
  28. Try some of Sydney's best waffles that are so good, you’ll go back for seconds. This means we can’t really promise you’ll stick to your $50 quota, but that’s on you.
  29. Get your competitive on (we can’t guarantee you’ll still have friends after), it’s Timezone time.
  30. Play a game of indoor laser skirmish. You don’t hold grudges, but let’s be honest, some of your friends deserve a little punishing. After all, they’re the reason you’re broke in the first place.
  31. Um retro Wednesday rollerblading anyone? Yes. Just yes.
  32. Work your way through the list of activities you can do where you can also drink beer in Sydney.
  33. Explore the Royal National park. An oldie but a goodie.
  34. Go on a Sydneyhike.
  35. Markets. Obvs. Bargains. Bargains everywhere.
  36. Set aside Netflix and check out these awesome outdoor cinemas.
  37. Rack your brain at Monday Funday Trivia night at The Little Guy in Glebe.
  38. Explore one of the largest exhibitions of contemporary Chinese art at the White Rabbit Gallery.
  39. Sign up for a free class at Urban Yoga.
  40. Carb yourself up with dollar dogs at Soda Factory every Tuesday.
  41. You can’t really pass up an unlimited rides pass at Luna Park for under fifty bucks.
  42. The legends at Shakespeare Hotel are known for their super delicious $13.50 pub fare. Just saying.
  43. Check out Sydney from all new heights at the Sydney Tower Eye.
  44. Do a Rocks Brewing Company tour. Because beer is already great no matter what price.
  45. Tea date on a Paddlewheeler.
  46. Try your hardest to be graceful at Macquarie Ice Rink (why is it so damn hard?!).
  47. Spend an evening touring exhibitions after hours at AGNSW. Guys, it’s FREE.
  48. Also free: karaoke at Goros. Double win. This also means you can eat ALL of the gyoza.
  49. Ditch the fine dining; here are the best places to have a picnic in Sydney.
  50. Super desperate? Bunnings’ sausage sizzle. If you’ve got a gold coin, you’ve got a meal. You’re welcome.

Need to keep your eating under budget? Check these out.

Image Credit: Federica Portentoso at Goros.

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