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The Best Places To Do Karaoke In Sydney

By Jessica Best
12th May 2017


We agree. There’s a time and place for rooftop bars, charcuterie boards, cocktail events and then… well, you know,belting out the wrong words to “Sweet Caroline” with a half-empty glass of bourbon and coke in one hand and an upside down mic in the other at 2:45am. And let’s be real, which would have the better Snap story? Exactly.

Whether you need somewhere to start your night, pick-up your night, or even finish your night, karaoke is always a solid idea. So take a shot of liquid courage and do it for the memories, here’s the best Karaoke in Sydney!

Disclaimer: No one said you have to be good at this.


Surry Hills

Whether you’re a karaoke fiend or not, don’t tell us you haven’t been to Goros. Not only is this street-style bar the stomping ground for delicious Japanese fare and arcade games (can we get a hell yeah for all the kidults out there?!) but this place has two epic karaoke rooms which obviously means double the opportunity to belt out “Jessie’s Girl”. In harmony of course.

The Big Echo


Claim your well deserved singing fame at The Big Echo. This is the place you come to chug all the jugs (think litres upon litres of spirits) and rip all the golden oldies. Special mention to the dude that built these spacious fit outs too—because with great singing, comes great dance moves.

Dynasty Karaoke


It’s the one, the only, Dynasty Karaoke. Yep, if dark mysterious hallways and fluorescent lights is how you want to spend your nights, you’ve hit upon something good my friend. Locked in the heart of Chinatown, DK is kind of one of those Sydney bucket list treasures you need to cross off in your lifetime. Also whiskey and obliterating your vocal chords has always been a good idea.

Ding Dong Dang

Surry Hills

Cheap booze, dark rooms, UV paint, green lasers, an old-school karaoke system and all the people singing on chairs and tables. Pretty sure that’s the way karaoke was always meant to be. So you probably won’t find any of the classics but damn, Ding Dong Dang can K-pop. Until 3am as well. And the tuck shop is stocked with lollies and sushi.  We love this place for obvious reasons.

The Pickled Possum

Neutral Bay

Anything goes at the Pickled Possum (and thank god because tune and tone have never been on our side). If you’re wanting a space free of judgement and to feel like you’ve just crashed a house party from another time, you’re going to love the no-booth-sing-in-a-crowd-drink-out-of-an-esky feel. Seriously.

K1 Karaoke Lounge


Basically, if you’ve got one heck of a crew busting you to take them out on a legendary night of karaoking, K1 is your port-of-call. With huge spaces and LED lights everywhere, let’s just say you’re guaranteed to have your Spice Girl moment and not lose anyone in the process.

CEO Karaoke Sydney


CEO Karaoke is boasting one helluva retro fit out and 22 gigantic rooms for anyone who thinks they’re capable of being the next slightly intoxicated Celine Dion (so, secretly all of us). There’s over 120,000 hits to choose from but hey, we all have that shower-playlist on our phones that we’re ready to rip out anywhere anytime and you can even plug your phone into the system too.



No doubt you’ll need both a pre-karaoke and post-karaoke feed and good news, Mizuya is serving up insanely good food and insanely good tunes. This basement beauty means wagyu beef hotpots and Bon Jovi’s “Livin’ on a Prayer” all make an appearance in the one night and we’re totally ok with that.

The Royal


We always knew Saturdays were the best and The Royal is totally backing our feels by bringing on karaoke Saturdays. So muster up some of that liquid courage around 9pm and you should be ready to take to the floor half an hour later when the fun kicks off.

Kelly’s On Kings


You haven’t really had a solid night out if you haven’t made an appearance at Kelly’s. And we highly suggest you do because if there’s one thing we like. It’s loud music and loud singing.

Or you could just head to one of these places to drink wine and eat cheese. 

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