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12 Of The Best Secret Bars in Sydney

By Jessica Best
16th Nov 2020


Look, we’re a sucker for anything secret or remotely hidden and so are you (you know it’s true). So, to save you some time from crawling up and down (and sometimes under) the streets of Sydney, we thought we’d do the hard work for you. After all, that’s what we’re here for.

Score some brownie points with hidden date spots, hit up a rooftop bar with some cheeky views of the (just quietly) best harbour in the world, sneak underground to down all the whiskey and (don’t judge) casually walk into a Hip Hop bar… located in a carpark. That’s right, no part of Sydney is off-limits when it comes to fitting in these glorious water holes.

Here are 18 of the best secret bars in Sydney!

Love, Tilly Devine


It’s the secret neighbourhood wine bar that’s always been hangin’ out on Crown Lane (just behind the foodie heavy-weight Crown Street) and we promise you’re going to love the wine list studded with 300 different drops. But what this little timber shoebox lacks in size, it most definitely makes up for in a constantly changing Euro menu with all the curing, preserving, grilling and pickling.

Uncle Kurts


Head on over to Horwood Place and (naturally) right in the city centre car park, you’ll stumble across Uncle Kurts—the epic lil’ secret New York-style dive bar pumping Hip Hop beats that we’ve come to fall in love with. And it’s really not that hard when they’re churning out double-smoked hotdogs and chipotle infused bourbon with rye, whisky, sherry and thyme syrup. Really not hard at all.



Just think all the most beautiful cocktails ever. And at PS40, to help you out, you’ll want to head on over to King Street and take a dodgy turn into a little alley known as Skittle Lane. Honestly, you’ll be like a kid in a candy store with this one (get your phones out children, these ones are good enough to ‘gram).

Button Bar

Surry Hills

An oldie but nonetheless a goldie. Button Bar hosts all the gritty feels of how you’ve always imagined a pirate-themed watering hole to be. Nothing marks this locale (hint: it’s at the end of Foveaux Street) so you’re going to have to use all your brainpower to make it to the karaoke-inspired bevvy packed in a mug with Texan corn vodka, apricot brandy, lemongrass and topped with a housemade green tea soda.

Earl’s Juke Joint


Behind the old and worn facade of Betta Meats, you’ll find Earl’s Juke Joint. Just so you know, they still play the best tunes deep into the night—oh yeah, it’s still an absolute banger of a place to hit up. 



We’re all about a secret rooftop bar so naturally, Taylor’s is going to make the cut. Located above Sydney’s Tank Stream Way (home to Mr. Wong and Palmer & Co.) this late-night watering hole is boasting chilled vibes and features some lil’ glimpses of the harbour bridge.

Small Bar Erskine Street


This rustic (literal) Small Bar is the unassuming hole in the wall that actually fits 120 people. Basically, this one should be on your hit list for after-work shenanigans. Think wine, boutique beer, tapas style dishes and a pulled pork sandwich worth all the juicy calories.

The Rook


Night or day, the hidden (and fully enclosed) rooftop bar at The Rook is one of the best places to go to get your drink on. With a glass ceiling studded with bulbs, hanging plants, neon lights and all the bric-a-brac ever, you’ll score yourself a pretty secluded view of Sydney’s corporate sky-erarchy. Much of the drinks are interactive AF (so the kidult within will have a ball) and there’s a super pretty purple one you need to get on, STAT.

Ramblin' Rascal Tavern


Trust us, the hunt for the Ramblin’ Rascal entrance is well worth it when whisky and a cognac collection are on the line. This underground den boasts a snug bar lined with leather booths and one heck of a crowd.

Papa Gede’s Bar


Never short of a perfect tiki-inspired cocktail bar, Papa Gede’s Bar is the tropical hangout on Kent Street that hosts an absinthe tap. Yes it’s tall and made of glass and it’s as majestic as you want it to be. Let’s be honest, Papa Gede’s Bar has got a lot of good things going for it but we’re blatantly obsessed with the absinthe tap (we mentioned that, right?).

The Baxter Inn


The Baxter Inn lies beneath an alleyway just off Clarence Street but you’ll be hardpressed to find someone who doesn’t know about this legendary old-school whisky bar. In true speakeasy fashion, it's well-hidden, the liquor collection is a dream and staple cocktails are on point.

Stitch Bar


We all know that basement bars are the epitome of fun and we guarantee you’ll be a sucker for the quirky atmosphere at Stitch. Yep, the whispers are true, this one has an entrance that is anything but the obvious bar front—try the facade of a sewing shop (way to make it easy for us, guys). You’ll have all the grub on hand in this 1920s themed space and the legendary bar staff whip up some serious #cocktailgoals.

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Taylor's Rooftop | Image credit: Carla Dibbs

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