12 New Openings We’re Excited About This November

By Jessica Best - 02 Nov 2017


Sydney, get ready to chow down on some new nosh we already know you’re going to go crazy over. Yep, it’s almost the end of the year and our glorious city is still churning out a whole heap of newbies. And in true Sydney-sider fashion you’re going to visit each and every one of them. We know you’re up to the challenge.

We’re talking everything from a foodie haven to make all your wildest burger dreams come true, a new gin bar to drink all the gin (obvs), a fresh coffee bar to overdose on caffeine and the perfect pop-up to make every Millennial ever go into meltdown—an avocado cafe.

Here are 12 new Sydney openings we’re excited about this November.

Loaded by BL


There is no holding back at this new kid on the block. Oh yes, the legends at Bar Luca are giving us the motherload of carbed up deliciousness set to seriously test your foodie abilities. And if you’re anything like us, you’ll definitely rise to the occasion (naturally). It’s DIY everything here so you’ll basically create the burger of your dreams or stack up on fries loaded with maple bacon, cheese curds, fried halloumi, truffle aioli, gravy, garlic breadcrumbs and shallots. Just make sure to chuck some recovery time into your iCal for the food coma.

Gathered Kitchen


Sydney, you just scored another epic bakery but before you start groaning about all the extra croissants you DIDN’T need before summer, this cafe is actually churning out nothing but the good stuff. Behold, Gathered Kitchen, a plant-based baked-goods heaven with delights like pandan lemongrass waffles, vegan pain au chocolat and delicious AF smylkies.

The Duke of Clarence


Hold up, the team behind one of Sydney’s favourite gin bars—The Barber Shop—is set to open another cracker of a bar preaching all things Irish whisky, Scotch, port, cognac and duh, gin. Oh yeah, it’ll be the ultimate public house. Plus, it’s only a stone throw away from said OG gin bar… we mean literally right around the corner.

Door Knock


Say goodbye to Norsk Door and hello to Door Knock (jokes, we’ll be all over both), the newest subterranean bar boasting cabin-like feels and a killer menu to boot. Expect stripped back walls dotted with rustic painted pineapples and a sherry and fortified wine focus we ain’t complaining about. Exactly—how can you not fall in love with this joint?

Good Fella

Belle Vista

Not to leave out the caffeine scene, coffee addicts around Norwest Business Park now have a new place to sort out their morning buzz or arvo pick-me-up. Good Fella is the newest coffee bar around these parts with salads, sandwiches and bagels all on offer for a casual chow down. Did we mention they bake the bagels in-house, fresh, errrryday? Because they do and they’re damn good.


Surry Hills

This bad boy has been on our radar since forever and word on the street is a Verd locale is opening a little closer to the coast. There’s no doubt this eatery, packed with raw treats and nut-mylk coffee, will bit a major hit (because it’s sister hub down in Barangaroo made everyone go cray) plus the world can never have too much spice dahl with mixed lentils topped with COYO. You know it’s true.

Good Fat

Surry Hills

We’ll admit we’re falling into all Millennial stereotypes hyping over this one but we’ll take that fall gracefully (sue us for it). Aptly named Good Fat, this lil’ pop-up cafe is a big deal. Why? Because it’s an all-in avocado cafe serving up avo-everything. Exactly. And yep, that includes avocado ice-cream. Don’t knock it until you try it. It’ll be open all month peeps.

Stanton & Co


The hospitality juggernauts behind Riley St Garage, Surly’s and The Village Inn have taken over The Cannery giving us Sydney-siders what will now be known as Stanton & Co. This newbie is boasting a mega dining room, expansive bar and open kitchen we know you’re going to love. You’ll find two menus here with a super combo of Aussie and Japanese fare (you’re going to love these too).


Darling Harbour

It’s the major relaunch we’ve all had our eyes on but Sydney, it’s happened. It has officially happened. Cargo Bar is back in business and we promise you’ll want to hit up this King Street Wharf beauty all over again. This time around you’ll get all the slick New York waterfront vibes ever with neon blue stairs and decor that’ll make all graphic designers melt. And the menu… oh lord. Think deep pan pizzas, fried chicken ribs and pork sliders until 2am. It’s time to re-live a more glammed up version of your 18th birthday (or is that just us?).

Gin Lane


We’re not going to lie, we’re kind of (ok, totally) excited about this tiny bar that’s actually one helluva gin palace. To put it bluntly, if you’re a fan of the G and T, you’re going to love this gem. And if you’re not a fan—these guys will be changing your mind toot sweet. That’s not even an exaggeration. Plus, all the drinking vessels here are absolute perfection including the G and T fishbowl and a little something they like to call smokin’ watering cans.



Yep, this Melbourne staple has hit Sydney shores and bring your rat pack because Fonda is all about sharing the love (and food!). Get amongst the Mexican eats here taking the glorious shape of a taco sharing board that you’re probably going to keep all to yourself. And as you’d expect, the drinks selection is off the charts.

Spanish Sakaba


It’s Spanish meets Japanese at this joint and you’ll want to get on it as soon as you can. You know, before everyone else hears word about the epic sushi-rice paella. Or the beef-katsu burger. Or the oxtail broth ramen. And FYI, there’s a solid bevvy menu to sport including gin-based slushy cocktails.

Once you're done with these, head to one of our favourite markets.

Image credit: Fonda

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