Best New Openings In Sydney This October

By Jessica Best - 03 Oct 2017


Sydney has been insanely upgraded on the food-front this October and just a warning, these will inevitably ruin your #summerbodygoals. We’re not even sorry about it.

Do what you gotta do—brunch it up, wine and dine, shop ‘till you drop. Just cooly and calmly work your way through this delectable list of new kids on the block. 

Here are 14 new openings in Sydney this October.

Chin Chin

Surry Hills

One of Melbourne’s best restaurants is coming to Sydney and that’s a damn good reason to celebrate. Chin Chin will be bringing old faves and new kids (equally delicious) to Sydney, think twice-cooked beef short rib with shaved coconut salad and prik nahm pla, rotisserie pork belly with fennel plum pickle and scud chilli death sauce and for the vegos—rendang-spiced mushrooms and toasted coconut. We’re ready.

El Topo Cantina

Warwick Farm

Check it out people, your staple Mexicano eatery has expanded and that only means one thing. More tacos and tequila. And more tacos and tequila on this glorious planet is never a bad thing.

Down N’ Out 


Hold onto your milkshakes team. Burger mecca Down N' Out has landed in Sydney. And we mean landed for good so you can say CYA later to pop-ups—these juicy juggernauts are here to stay). Sydney’s north has been blessed with double wagyu stacks, a bit of southern fried chicken lovin’ and some good ol’ fashioned onion rings. And don’t even get us started on the secret sauce.

Bridge Bon Appetit  


Remember when you thought Restaurant Hubert couldn’t get any better? You were wrong. It just did. Behold the brand spankin’ new space overlooking the main dining room which boasts the perfect set-up for vino and snacks. We know, Bridge Bon Appetit sounds like pure heaven and did we mention there’s a revolving cocktail list? You’re welcome.

Donut Bomb

The Grove

Celebrating all things deliciously doughy, Donut Bomb is the kind of holey bonanza you’ve always wanted and needed in your life. Don’t expect a standard menu because this place is a go hard or go home type joint, it’s an OTT doughnut tower or nothing. Or a triple pancake stack. Or a doffle (that’s a doughnut waffle). You get the picture.

Chargrill Charlies 


Alert: Gone are the days of braving all the bridge tolls to get your chook fix. You’ll find all the old faithfuls at Annandale’s new Chargrill Charlies including the obvious half a chicken (let’s be real, you ain’t sharing that), your classic on-the-run schnitty and chips pack and of course alllll the salads.

Monkey’s Corner


A cocktail bar with Asian flavours? We’re all (monkey) ears. The epic Poernomo bros (the brains behind KOI Dessert Bar) have created the perfect little space (we’re talking only 20 seats people) to indulge in a carefully curated bible of Asian-inspired cocktails. And before you ask, of course there are small plates to nibble on while you sip on a martini made with Plantation 3-star rum, fino sherry, lychee and rose. You’re covered.

Where’s Nick


Look, any place that has walls lined with bottles and bottles and bottles of wine is okay by us (and you for that matter). Yep, Sydney has a new wine bar and she’s an absolute winner. At Where’s Nick you’ll find a heaaap of exotic wines that’ll put your foreign wine knowledge (or lack thereof) to shame, so don’t expect to be able to pronounce a damn thing. Plus all the drops are totally natural—we’re thinking that means a few (okay, a lot) more glasses will be on the table to pair with the carbolicious menu.



Did date night just get a whole lot classier or what? Hint: it absolutely did. Isaac is bringing all the cosy date vibes and mouth-watering Mediterranean eats in the glorious form of pasta shells stuffed with lamb ragu and roast sweet potato slices paired with hummus and chilli labne. Thank us later when you have the best date night everrrr (the cocktail menu is pretty rockin’ too).

Kid Kyoto


Guys, we just scored a 90s rock n’ roll-inspired Japanese restaurant and we are 100% certain it’s about to become your new local. Kid Kyoto is brought to us Sydney siders from the same dudes who gave us Indu and Mejico. Basically, Kid is bound to be a 90s grunge hit.

Palings Flowers


October isn't just bringing you quality new nosh but new blooms too (face it, this month is just the best of the damn best). Merivale’s latest instalment (yep the foodie gurus have turned to florals) is a flower shop at the Ivy. And of course, because it's a Hemmes affair, don't expect your average flower arrangements, these bunches have no chill.

Oski Yoga

North Sydney

No biggie but a little slice of paradiso has landed on the north side of the bridge and conveniently, right near the station. Apart from being picturesque AF (#interiorgoals), Oski offers up vinyasa yoga, barre, mediation and reformer Pilates classes.

The Peanut Butter Bar 


The Peanut Butter Bar needs no introduction because, spoiler alert, it's basically all you can eat peanut butter and then some more). Expect peanut butter drinks, treats and the best part? They're serving up this golden holy grail spread without the sugar so you can indulge in the entire menu guilt-free.

Tella Balls


This is not a drill. The Nutella mecca (that’s Tella Balls, FYI) is expanding its deliciously tasty goodies down south, which basically means we just found you another excuse to hit the highway for a road trip. All of your favourite things are there so all you need to do is fill your tank and then your belly.


Kings Cross

Sydney, we just got another Mexican joint but before you decide to all HAM on tacos and guac, just know, there are no tacos or guac. Stay with us. The epic team here is plating up the real feeds, the ceviche, the whole fish grilled over charcoal and the Oaxacan spin on pizza. Didn't see that coming, did you?

ICYMI, this is everything that opened in September.

Image credit: Chin Chin

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