Sink Your Teeth Into Sydney’s First Meringue Cookie Croissant

By Jessica Best
10th Feb 2021

meringue cookie croissant

There’s nothing Sydney people love more than a brand new treat to sink their teeth into—be it a knafeh croissant or a banoffee pie waffle. Now, there’s a hybrid pastry with your name on it and it’s absolutely worth seeking out.

Dubbed the meringue cookie croissant, you’ll find this tasty creation at Five Dock’s Buttercrumbs Croissant. This croissant haven has made a name for itself dishing out some of Sydney's tastiest pastries and regularly pushing the sweet boundaries with things like cheesy egg cubes, hot dog croissants, and even red bean and cream cheese. Needless to say, it’s the very place you’ll want to hit on the weekend.

As for the meringue cookie croissant, it’s as next level as it sounds. It’s a parcel of layered meringue and jam fresh enough to give you a nostalgic throwback. On top of this, it also features a crispy croissant base that melts in your mouth. 

The meringue cookie croissant drops at Buttercrumbs Croissant Thursday 11 February. For more info, head over here

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Image credit: Buttercrumbs Croissant

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