New Openings Were Excited About This August

By Alana Callus - 02 Aug 2017


Don’t freak out, but guys it’s already August meaning we’ve well and truly started the downward run to Christmas. We’re not freaking out, you are. But at least this means winter is almost over and it’s time for a whole new month of brand spankin’ new restaurants to try and allllll of the fun things to do. 

There’s a DIY banh mi shop that’s as epic as it sounds, and a putt-putt bar bringing more fun than your ready for. We (as always) have totally got your back, and have even thrown in a few of our fave new places to workout, so you can start working on that summer bod. 

Hey Sydney, check out these new kids on the block.

The Barre Project


Grab your tights and your all of your mates, because working out has never been this fun. Think dance party and exercise class all rolled into one and you’ve got your newest healthy obsession: The Barre Project. Combining pilates, yoga, dance, strength and interval training (we’re tired just thinking about it), you can expect a full body workout that tones, tightens and strengthens in all the right places (hello #summerbod). The best part is that no two classes are the same, so there’s something for everyone. The LED lighting and playlist of absolute bangers will get you in the zone, taking your workout (and pain) to the next level—you’re welcome. 


CBD & North Sydney

In news that’ll put an end to all of your ‘I’d rather watch paint dry than pound the treadmill for an hour’ workout feels. SpeedFit is opening their doors in Sydney’s CBD and North Sydney this August and we’ll be signing up for a session STAT. Introducing their training system fit for professional athletes (actually though), SpeedFit is the first EMS (electronic muscle stimulation) Studio to hit Australia. Put simply, it’s an intensified workout that requires minimal effort but delivers amazing results—but really, if the scientific evidence and long list of professional athletes that use it doesn’t already have you signing up, the fact that you can get your whole workout done in the span of twenty minutes should do the trick. 



As Sydney dishes up the frosty winter weather Gurdy’s in Newtown are dishing up nothing but warm and fuzzies—one winter warmer cocktail at a time. King Street’s newest kid on the block is your go-to for boutique beer, sustainable wine on tap and a cocktail list that will have you ordering more than one (of everything). Did we mention they also do food? Share the love with tender beef cheek croquettes, crunchy shallot and ginger arancini balls and mushroom cigars with creamy whipped goats cheese, or opt for the Gurdy’s cheeseburger and chips and eat it all yourself. Understanding that the struggle is real, Gurdy’s also serve up tasty vegan and vegetarian options with the green dog (complete with vego sausage) that’s sure to become a firm favourite. We’ll be adding this place to the top of our winter survival kit and you should too.   

Banh Meats & Co. 


Banh Meats & Co is Sydney’s newest DIY banh mi store; the type of spot where adding a little bit of everything to your roll is a no brainer. Think soft-shell crab to smoked beef brisket, and crispy, Viet-style fried chicken as well. Ditch the bun and get a whole cup of potato gems (definitely one of the very best ways to eat potato), or on a sweeter note, try one of their cake shakes—aka a cake blended into a frothy milkshake. It’s genius and we want three.

4 Ounces 


If you thought the burger game in Sydney is hard to beat—it just went next level. Introducing 4 Ounces, an RnB themed burger joint hiding in Alexandria. Yes, this does mean that you can dance your way to the front of the line to some old-school Drake, before digging into a cheezy yeezy. That’s deep fried truffle mac ‘n’ cheese between two beef patties on a milk bun, and hot damn, it’s good. Get here ASAP to take on the ol’ dirty complete with Grumpy Donuts glazed doughnuts for buns (we know).  

District Brasserie 


Nestled in the heart of Sydney’s CBD District Brasserie is a exactly you want when you cross French fine dining with a take-away bakery. It’s all the deliciousness of French cuisine, and just refined enough to guarantee a top notch chardy, without being so fancy that you can’t understand a thing on the menu—just how we like it. Get a Single O brew and freshly baked croissant to go from the take-away cafe, or pull up a chair in the gilded brasserie and order the steak tartare (followed by the steak frites, obvs). Make sure you have your Insta story at the ready, because these dishes are (almost) too pretty to eat. 

Cod’s Gift 


The Hills foodie scene just keeps getting better with new kids on the block Cod’s Gift bringing all things (you guessed it) seafood to Dural. They’re plating up only local and sustainable catches, with more than just your classic fish and chips shop offerings (although they definitely do this well), with an in-house DJ and super fly cocktails like the gin and juice, made with saffron gin, dragon fruit and watermelon. Whether you have time to settle in, or just grab a takeaway to go, this place has got yo’ back.



Be careful not to walk straight past this CBD hidden gem—Alleyway is Sydney’s latest secret spot, well, until we decided to let you all in on it. Signature whiskeys and bespoke cocktails are their thing and you’ll be spoiled for choice here—just tell the bartender your likes (and dislikes) and they’ll take you on a whisky tour from Scotland to Japan and everywhere in between. Is it 5 o’clock yet?

Holey Moley 


Whether you’re a hole-in-one PGA pro or a Happy Gilmore tap-tap-tapper, you’re sure to have a bloody good time at this retro putt-putt bar in Newtown. It’s puns galore here, so even if your golf game isn’t quite up to par (geddit?), the bao rolls and waffle fries are enough of a reason to swing by. Plus the sugar caddy cocktail (yep even the drink names are punny) comes with a wizz fizz hanging out the side, so you can relive your best childhood memories, just way boozier. 

Cuckoo Callay 

Surry Hills 

One of Newtown’s most ‘grammable brunch spots has found its second home on Crown Street. Yep, we’re talking about Cuckoo Callay and lucky for you guys the menu has every single one of their all-time faves. The bacon mac daddy is here along with a few extra goodies that are definitely worth adding to your hit list. Did we mention the fit out is almost too beautiful, with velvet, marble and gold trimmings? Becuase it is. Bring along your doggo (or pat someone else’s) because not only is this place dog-friendly, there’s also a dog menu serving up—wait for it—pupcakes and pupachinos. 


Surry Hills

Not that you ever need an excuse to drink more wine, but our dear friends at Porteño have opened up a brand new wine bar and we’re just a liiiitle bit excited about it. Wyno’s sultry bar vibes, dim lighting and alleyway location make it your new go-to date night spot. You’ll dig into the best bar snacks in town (hello peanuts sprinkled with pork-belly crumb), but the real hero is the vino—grab one bottle at the bar and one to go from their stocked up wine store.  

Vrai Health Clinic

Surry Hills

Let’s face it, it’s time to work off all that brunching with the latest and greatest in health treatments at Vrai Health Clinic. You’ll feel like a health goddess with their luxe therapies—turn up the heat in the infrared sauna or get cool AF (no seriously, like -130 degrees) with a cryotherapy sesh, before taking a cheeky nap in the super sci-fi hyperbaric oxygen chamber (yes, it’s a thing) for a whole body detox.

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Image credit: 4 Ounces

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