The Best New Openings In Sydney This February

By Sophia Richardson - 02 Feb 2018

best new openings sydney this february

Ok so maybe 2019 will be your year to shred and save, because our advice is you should focus on food (and over eating) this February.

With new openings happening all over Sydney, it’s best you leave work early and focus on working your way through this delicious list—all in the name of poutine, baklava and burgers, duh.

Here are 6 new openings to get excited about in Sydney this month.

Stuffed Beaver

Crows Nest

No need to hit up Bondi for your hot wings, poutine and dogs any more, with the Canadian dive bar, Stuffed Beaver, opening on Sydney’s North Shore earlier this year. If American sports are your thang or if you’re just really passionate about poutine (us), Stuffed Beaver is where it’s at.

Bert’s Brasserie and Bar

The Newport

Look for the shiny new standout inside The Newport this week, Bert’s Brasserie and Bar, a 1930’s styled European brasserie (aka a French styled restaurant). Bert’s has its own oyster bar so expect super fresh lobster, crab and other fancy sea life, as well as a flamin’ hot grill and charcoal oven for the meat lovers out there.

berts newport

The Good Filo


If your day/month/life has been missing the nutty, syrupy deliciousness that is baklava, The Good Filo is an opening that is the answer to your god damn prayers. The bakery and café bakes their own bread, and serves Greek favourites like moussaka and the breakfast pastry bougatsa, but do not leave without trying the croissantaboureko (that’s a croissant cross a semolina custard filo to the rest of us). Open from 6am till 6pm, The Good Filo has everything you could ever want, like ever, when it comes to Greek inspired deliciousness.

Hardsyard 2.0


The inner west has been home to Hartsyard for 6 years, closing late last year only to open in 2018, with even more pizazz and style. The new menu is heavy on the veg and seafood (compared to their previously super meaty menu) and just reading about their new desserts (featuring cherry blossom and macadamia) are enough to make you book a table right this very second. 


Native Drops

Bondi Beach

For the most unreal bottle-o experience ever, Native Drops in Bondi is in a league of its own, with a selection of hand chosen wine, that’s more often than not biodynamic and organic. They’re also super passionate about supporting locals, with wines, beers and spirits from around Australia. Native Drops is dropping (sorry, we had to) a cheese and deli section soon which will no doubt be the cherry on top of this boozy masterpiece.

Happy Ending Burger


You guys know for a fact that we’re into burgers to a very unhealthy degree, so it’s no news that one of our fave new openings is Happy Ending in Concord. The guys from Mister Gee food truck have popped a burger shop, not on wheels but on actual land, right here in Sydney! If planning a trip to Concord sounds like too much effort, just imagine the fried chicken burger with coconut jam, pickles and American cheese waiting for you at the other end. And if you live in Concord, we’re just a tiny bit (read: very) jealous.

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Image Credit: Bert's | Supplied, Hartsyard 2.0 | Caitlin Hicks

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