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Get These 1.5L Boujee Wine Bags Delivered To Your Door

By Jessica Best
5th Oct 2021

There are few drinks in Australia’s boozy repertoire that can claim real hall of fame status. But the mighty silver pillow, or as it’s affectionately known as the ‘goon bag’, undoubtedly tops our list.

So, what if we told you that the holier-than-thou bagged wine was set for a major comeback? Not like the leaky, sticky satchel from backyard’s of yonder but rather an eco-friendly bag of the tasty stuff, piped with a smart nozzle and the tech to ensure your choice of vino stays fresher for longer?

Folks, make way for Bagnum—a collab between local legends Built To Spill and Urban List. Think easy-to-pour bagged wine that is every bit classic as it is boujee.

Because bigger is truly better, each Bagnum holds a whopping 1.5L of juicy Aussie wine from Sparrow & Vine with three wine varietals on offer. For anyone who lives and breathes the phrase “rosé every day”, you’ll want to get all up in the Bagnum Sangiovese Rosé, a seriously-crisp drop to pair with your next picnic charcuterie board. To pair with all your fresh seafood feasting,  there’s a citrusy Semillon Bagnum made for all your seafood feasting this summer.  Finally, for those who can’t shy away from a backyard barbie, the Nero D’Avola Bagnum is pretty much the only thing you need to pair with the likes of a thick steak or a sizzling line-up of BBQ pork chops.

On top of this, each Bagnum comes with a heap of green cred too, packaged in an eco-friendly and fast-chilling AstraPouch—which has an 80 per cent lower carbon footprint than its typical glass iteration at your local bottle-o. It even has a smart nozzle that activates just by the tap of your finger (read: no leaks) and makes sure your Bagnum stays fresher for longer—sans cork contamination and potential oxidation. 

The limited-run Bagnum range can be purchased through Built To Spill. Each 1.5L Bagnum will set you back $44 and is delivered Australia-wide. Order yours here.

Image credit: Kate Mason

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