Here’s How You Can More Than Double Your Annual Leave In 2024

By Hugo Mathers
20th Sep 2023

We all know that feeling we get at the end of a few days off. Just as you’re slipping into a state of relaxation, where pages of a book are finally turned, midday naps go uninterrupted, and cocktails are shaken and stirred before 2pm, the morning alarm sounds its unwelcome buzz and you’re forced to go back to the daily grind.

Thanks to those long couple of years we were grounded at home, we’re guessing plenty of you have clocked some serious annual leave days, so why not start thinking ahead and planning your next big adventure?

That's right, we're talking about how to maximise your annual leave in Australia in 2024.

Now, what if we told you that you could take 21 annual leave days for a whopping 49 days off?

We’ve peeked ahead at the 2024 calendar to see how you can gain some sneaky extra leave, meaning you can head off on those overdue trips away without using up too many sick days or getting in trouble with your boss.

Read on for how to maximise your leave in 2024.

How To Maximise Your Annual Leave Days In 2024 (Australia)

  • Saturday 20 January to Sunday 28 January: Book four annual leave days (January 22-25) for nine days off.
  • Saturday 23 March to Tuesday 2 April: Book four annual leave days (March 25-28) and get a 10-day break over Easter.
  • Saturday 20 April to Sunday 28 April: Book four annual leave days (April 22-24 and April 26) for nine days off over ANZAC weekend.
  • Saturday 8 June to Sunday 16 June (does not include WA + QLD): Book four annual leave days (June 11-June 14) for nine days off.
  • Saturday 21 December 2023 to Tuesday 2 January 2024: Book five annual leave days (December 23-24, December 27 and December 30-31) to get a 12-day Christmas/New Year break.

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