4 Next-Level At Home Workouts To Try

By Ranyhyn Laine
20th Mar 2022

Our mental health is just as important as physical health, especially during times like these. And a big part of this is maintaining some of the same structure in your daily routine, as you would have at work. So even if it's just 30 minutes of exercise a day, we are going to be blocking out the time to prioritise ourselves. As should you. 

But what exactly can you even achieve in your living room? If you’re already sick of push ups, and jumping jacks are no longer your friend, there’s a heap of workouts you can do with minimal space and no equipment—bonus, you can find plenty of them online so that all you have to do is hit play and follow along. 

From HIIT to Pilates, getting fit at home has never been easier (or more accessible). So chuck on your trainers, clear a space in your living room or head to the driveway, and get moving. 


Slightly more strength-heavy than yoga, but still far less taxing on your joints and with minimal jumping, Pilates is for anyone who gets a broom to the ceiling if they even THINK about jumping up and down in their top-floor apartment. If you’ve got hand weights (or just two 1L bottles of tonic, in a pinch—we know you’ve got them), great, if not, no matter, a good Pilates workout will get you sweating either way. And where do you find a good Pilates workout online? Our favourite hands down is CorePlus Connected. Brought to you by Australia's favourite Pilates and yoga studios’, for just $19.99 per month, or $199 for a year, expect more than 100 Pilates, yoga, strength and cardio classes to stream on-demand anytime. Plus, new classes are being added on the weekly—from strength to Yin yoga and everything in between, you can check out one of CorePlus Connected’s top-rated classes here


If it’s a cardio workout you’re after, but running isn’t your jam, HIIT might be the answer. Long bursts of high intensity exercises followed by short bursts of rest ensure your pulse is hitting those highs and getting in those lows, improving your cardiovascular fitness without having to run a marathon. You’ll even get in a bit of strength training with no equipment necessary, thanks to full body exercises like mountain climbers, planks and burpees (stop groaning, you love them). Where can you find them? We love Les Mills Grit classes (get a free preview here), which involve 30 minutes of killer movements, but you can also find free full length HIIT workouts on Popsugar, Lululemon and Fitness Blender. Need extra motivation, or just someone to yell at you not to stop and give up? Hit up your local F45 or 12RND for their virtual HIIT offerings. 


Cardio, but make it fun. Whether you prefer ballet, jazz, tap, hip hop or popping (whatever that is), dancing your way around the living room—best move the coffee table first—is one hell of a way to get fit. You can find plenty of workouts on YouTube, but there’s also a heap of local legends who’ve put their classes online, from the Sydney Dance Company to Brisbane’s popular Mad Dance House. Break out the leggings and check out our full list of online dance classes here


Want something a little slower, with less jumping and better for the body you’ve had crammed at the kitchen table all week? Yoga is for you, and it might even help your stress levels while you’re at it. All you’ll need is a yoga mat (though you can do it without), and a willingness to go downward dog in front of your roommates. We’ve got a massive list of the best online yoga class sites out there right here, and for a freebie, Lululemon has full length yoga classes on their YouTube channel.

If that working-from-home life has you feeling knotted, try these yoga poses to do at your desk.

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