Let Sleeping Dogs Lie: The Best Dog Beds To Shop In 2024

By Phoebe Youl

Dog beds can be a tricky thing to pick. Not only do you need to think of the needs of your favourite caine, but you’ve also got durability, comfort and aesthetics to contend with. 

Fortunately, here at Urban List we've curated a selection of stylish and snug dog beds that will meet the needs of both you and your furry companion. From aesthetically pleasing finds, to cooling beds for those warmer days and options designed to provide calming comfort to anxious doggos, keep scrolling below for our edit.

The Best Dog Beds In Australia For 2024

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Best Overall Hommey Boucle Pet Bed

Best Dog Beds Best Chic Dog Bed
Image Credit: Hommey Boucle Pet Bed | Website

Designed with the discerning tastes of both pets and their owners in mind, the Hommey Boucle Pet Bed comes in at the top of our list for overall best dog bed thanks to its combination of comfort, style and clever design. 

Developed in collaboration with a panel of over a dozen pet aficionados, this bed not only earns the coveted 100% pet approval but also seamlessly integrates Hommey's signature comfort and style. Crafted from the brands bestselling Boucle fabric—renowned for its chic design and robust durability—the Hommey Pet Bed won’t detract from your interior choices, whilst the machine-washable cover ensures practical and harmonious living for both you and your pooch.


  • Washability: Removable and machine washable covers and components
  • Comfort & Support: High density memory foam and polyester fibre fill
  • Size: Three size options, small to large

Best Custom Barney Bed

Best Dog Beds Best Custom Dog Bed
Image Credit: Image credit: Barney Bed | Website

The Barney Bed is not only a functional piece but also a stylish addition to your home, blending seamlessly with any interior thanks to the brand's near endless list of cover options that allow you to customise the bed to suit your space. Designed to be effortlessly clean, the bed's cover can be zipped off and machine-washed, sparing pet owners from the woes of dirty dog beds. 

With a solid structure that’s built to last for years, the Barney Bed prioritises support for ageing joints and even includes chin rests for furry chins to rest comfortably. With five sizes to fit all breeds, the bed caters to the tiniest of pups, through to gentle giants with their epic XXL size—the world's largest and most comfortable dog bed.


  • Washability: Removable and machine washable covers and components
  • Comfort & Support: High density memory foam
  • Size: Five size options, small to XXL

Best Calming Snooza Soft Touch Cuddler Bed

Best Dog Beds Best Calming Dog Bed
Image Credit: Image credit: Snooza Soft Touch Cuddler Bed | Website

Whether you’ve got a new puppy or an anxious pouch, the Snooza Soft Touch Cuddler Bed is the perfect choice for creating a comforting retreat for your cherished companion. This super-plush cuddler-style bed is covered in a mock lambswool that’s designed to cocoon your pet in an oasis of tranquillity.

The soft raised walls and deep sleeping area add an extra layer of comfort, providing a safe and secure sleeping environment for anxious pets. We also love the removable, replaceable, and washable covers and included laundry bag that makes keeping the bed clean and tidy a seamless experience.


  • Washability: Removable and replacable machine washable covers and fill
  • Comfort & Support: Foam and recycled PET fibre mix
  • Size: Six size options, small to giant

Best Cooling Tontine Pets Orthopaedic Cooling Dog Basket

Best Dog Beds Best Cooling Dog Bed
Image Credit: Pet Barn Tontine Pets Orthopaedic Cooling Dog Basket | Website

Drawing on Tontine's six-decade legacy of delivering comfort and quality to Australian families, Tontine Pets brings the same dedication to crafting pet bedding that considers the specific needs of our furry companions. 

Designed specifically with warm-weather and hot climates in mind, the Orthopaedic Cooling Dog Basket, features a orthopaedic, gel-infused memory foam inner cushion that will keep your dog feeling comfortable and cool at all times, regardless of the temperature.


  • Washability: Removable and machine washable covers
  • Comfort & Support: Orthopaedic gel infused memory foam and memory foam
  • Size: Three size options, small to large

Best Outdoor KAZOO Daydream Dog Bed

Best Dog Beds Best Outdoor Dog Bed
Image Credit: KAZOO Daydream Dog Bed | Website

Designed to withstand the elements, the KAZOO Daydream Dog Bed is an outdoor dog's napping dream. Blending both style, comfort and durability, the raised platform bed is set on a super-strong steel frame and uses quality double-woven fabric for lasting comfort. 

Ideal for dogs of all sizes, the raised frame can provide support to dogs of up to 200kg without warping and offers ultimate breathability, making it ideal for older dogs or warm-weather climates. Thanks to its minimal design, the bed is super easy to clean—simply wipe or hose down for a refresh. Alternatively, replacement covers are available, allowing you to update the look of the bed as you please.


  • Washability: Water-resistant, wipeable and replacable covers
  • Comfort & Support: Double-woven, supportive and breathable nylon
  • Size: Four size options, small to XL

Best Travel Sash Premium Dog Car Bed

Best Dog Beds Best Travel Dog Bed
Image Credit: Sash Premium Dog Car Bed | Website

Designed to elevate car trips and travel to a new standard, the Sash Premium Dog Car Bed is both a safe, stylish and practical choice for owners and pets who are always on the go. Designed to calm and soothe during car journeys, the bed boasts a durable construction with generous side bolsters, that provide a cocooning feel. The built-in safety buckles ensure your pooch stays safe, whilst also keeping your car protected from hair, dirt, and scratches. 

Providing ultimate versatility, the car bed also doubles as a portable travel bed thanks to its in-built handles and folding design that makes it easy to carry with you. We also love the removable and machine-washable cover that keeps the bed both looking and smelling fresh.


  • Washability: Removable machine washable covers
  • Comfort & Support: Weighted padding with generous side bolsters and built-in safety buckles
  • Size: Three size options, small to large

Image credit: The Barney Bed Instagram | Hommey Instagram

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