The Best Doonas For Replicating A Hotel-Worthy Bed At Home

By Phoebe Youl

Blue linen sheets with the ocean in the background.

If you've ever wondered why your bed seems to pale in comparison to most hotels, we're here to help. And no, our answer isn't to check yourself into your nearest king-size suite, but instead, pay a little more attention to your current doona situation. 

Hotel beds are often equated with cloud-like attributes; think crisp white sheeting, perfectly tucked corners, and most importantly—fluffy, high-loft quilts. Here at Urban List, we're convinced that the key to replicating this luxurious experience at home literally lies in choosing the right doona. Below, we've rounded up a goldilocks-approved list of the best hotel-style doonas you can shop at every budget. Now it's just a matter of figuring out how to sort room service.

The Best Hotel-Style Doonas To Shop In 2024:

Best Overall: Bonny All Rounder 

Price: $349

Image credit: Bonny All Rounder | Website

Ethically made, delivered to your door, and a doona that gets fluffier with time—there's a reason Bonny has become so beloved. Our choice is the 'All Rounder' perfect for every season and keeping a balanced temp. Shop here

Best Value: Canningvale Luxury Quilt

Price: $119

Image credit: Canningvale Luxury Quilt | Website

Bringing hotel-style luxury on a budget, this super warm and lofty microfiber quilt will keep you warm and cosy on even the coldest nights. Shop here

Best Luxury: Sheridan Deluxe Feather & Down Quilt

Price: $649.99

Image credit: Sheridan Deluxe Feather & Down Quilt | Website

Crafted with a box cassette stitch design for even distribution and encased in a soft and lightweight cotton sateen cover, this quilt is the ultimate in indulgence. Shop here

Best Microfibre: I Love Linen Hotel Cloud Collection Luxury Quilt

Price: $219

Image credit: I Love Linen Hotel Cloud Collection Luxury Quilt | Website

Hand filled with a premium blend of finely spun microfibre filling, this super-soft doona provides a soft, cloud-like feel. Shop here

Best Lightweight: Sheridan Deluxe Dream Quilt

Price: $329.99

Image credit: Sheridan Deluxe Dream Quilt | Website

Designed for year-round use, this versatile polyester quilt has maximum loft and comfort matched with a lightweight feel. Shop here

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Best All-Season: Emma Sleep All Seasons Duvet

Price: $249

Image credit: Emma Sleep All Seasons Duvet | Website

Stay in bed for longer with this machine-washable, all-season duvet designed to keep you warm in winter and cool in summer. Shop here

Best Down: Downia White Collection 85/15 White Duck Down & Feather Quilt

Price: $389

Image credit: Downia White Collection 85/15 White Duck Down & Feather Quilt | Website

The baffled cassette construction of this luxury duck down and feather quilt protects the filling from dust mites, making it asthma and allergy-friendly. Shop here

Best Memory Fibre: Downtime Memory Fibre Quilt

Price: $399.99

Image credit: Downtime Memory Fibre Quilt | Website

The fine memory fibres of this quilt will continually adjust to you as you sleep, ensuring your bed is always super soft and lofty. Shop here

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Image credit: I Love Linen | Instagram

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