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7 Of The Best Essential Oils To Add To Your Diffuser

By Olivia Arezzolo
2nd Sep 2021

A person holding an essential oil next to a diffuser and a cup of tea.

Grandma’s bathroom cupboard beware: Generation Y and Z are on to you and after your essential oil collection. Be it for sleep, stress or sex (yes, even sex), there’s an oil or two that can help with many of the problems standing in your way of achieving perfect wellness—here are seven of the best essential oils to add to your diffuser, humidifier or however else you like to use your sweet-smelling oils. 

Best Essential Oils For Sleep

Chamomile And Lavender 

If you struggle to switch off in the evening, lavender could be for you. Research shows it can reduce anxiety—or just the inability to switch off—by up to 45 per cent. This isn’t just helpful for falling asleep, but also staying asleep, as anyone who’s woken up at 1am and been consumed by anxious thoughts will tell you. Ideally, you should look for a blend with both lavender and chamomile, as chamomile is another natural sedative essential oil. Our pick is Oil Garden’s Sleep Assist.

Best Essential Oils For Pain Relief 

Peppermint, Lemon And Lime 

You might think you’re alone in your struggles with aches and pains, but actually, about one in five Australians suffer some form of chronic pain—so if that’s not you, chances are, it’s one of your best mates. The oil that will come to your aid is peppermint, which has been shown to help reduce multiple kinds of pain, from the objective to the subjective. You’ll get the best results by pairing peppermint oil with anti-inflammatory oils like lemon and lime, like in this one from In Essence, or you could just add a few drops each of ECO’s peppermint and lemon oils to your diffuser. 

Best Essential Oils For Immune Support

Eucalyptus, Clove And Rosemary  

With COVID19 still lurking, not catching a single bug, even a cold, is pretty high on our agenda for all of 2020—and beyond. If you feel much the same, your essential oil go-tos are clove, rosemary and eucalyptus, all of which are anti-bacterial and anti-viral and can help purify the air in your home or office. You could mix and match these clove, eucalyptus and rosemary oils or make life easy and just opt for ECO’s Immune Support or Buckley and Phillips Immunity. By infusing multiple immune boosting oils, you’re protected against a wider variety of pathogens, which means you’re less likely to get sick. 

Best Essential Oils For Alertness

Lemongrass And Cinnamon 

That dreaded 3pm slump—it’s customary to almost any weekday. Whether you’re feeling stressed or can’t concentrate on a single spreadsheet, you need some lemongrass in the air: the experts say it enhances attention, alertness and calmness, everything you need to deal with your boss’s late afternoon requests. Similarly, cinnamon can stabilise blood sugar levels, often the real reason you’re slumping—especially if it was a dreaded ‘there’s birthday cake in the kitchen’ day. A blend with both is Lively Living’s Vitality, or you can grab them both individually—cinnamon here and lemongrass here

Best Essential Oils For Glowing Skin


Lacklustre, lifeless and blemished skin be-gone, glowing, just-got-back-from-holiday skin is just one essential oil away. And the oil you need? Jojoba (buy it here), an anti-oxidant rich, hypoallergenic (read: reduces redness) carrier oil that helps prevent acne. Because jojoba has a similar molecular structure to your skin, it basically tells your body that you don’t need to produce more oil—so you’re less likely to break out or get blackheads. Bonus, because it’s a carrier oil, you can rub it straight into your skin—and even add a tiny drop of another essential oil that would normally be too harsh to use on the body. We like to buddy it up with frankincense, whose astringent properties help to minimise pores and wrinkles—we’re vain, what can we say. A blend with both is Fleurett’s Smooth and Soothe Facial oil, or you can get frankincense to add to your jojoba here.

Best Essential Oils To Set The Mood 

Sandalwood, Ylang Ylang And Patchouli 

And just when you thought that essential oils were only for grandma, you learnt that they can spice up your sex life. Yep, aphrodisiac essential oils include the likes of sandalwood, ylang ylang and patchouli—turn the diffuser on and get frisky. Ylang ylang has been found to ‘enhance euphoria’ during sex (yes, that does mean your orgasms become stronger), while sandalwood increases desire (helping you get in the mood in the first place) and patchouli can reduce inhibitions—and we all know what that means. This ECO Romance blend pairs ylang ylang with patchouli, or a blend with all three is Plant Therapy’s Sensual Synergy.  

Best Essential Oils For Stress 

Bergamont, Sweet Orange And Grapefruit

Citrus oils to the rescue—for basically any reason you’re stressed, they are likely to help. If you have a racy mind, bergamont has been found to help you stop overthinking everything, while sweet orange oil helps you think more rationally (and less irrationally). Finally, the zesty fragrance of grapefruit has been shown to lift your mood . A mood boosting blend with all three is ideal, such as Oil Garden’s Energy Boost, or you can try ECO’s Sun Kissed blend.

If you’re looking for some self-care ideas to go with your favourite essential oils, we’ve got you covered right here.

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