12 Of The Most Soothing Nature Scapes To Tune Into When You’re Working From Home

By Jessica Best
7th Apr 2020

There’s not much that truly beats the sound of a crackling fire in the middle of a forest or the sonic-worthy zen of paddling a canoe down a river.

So, whether you’re keen to zen your brain for a brief moment or you want to dive into an eight hour audio adventure of fish swimming in the ocean, we’ve got the best nature scapes to soundtrack wherever you are. Think high definition sound and 4K resolution, you know, so you can relax to the max.

Here are the most soothing nature scapes to tune into when you’re working from home.

Forest Birdsong

Transport yourself to the depths of Strandja Natural Park in Bulgaria. In this one, the footage is looped but the birdsong is realtime with pure sounds of Nightingales, Blackbirds, Chaffinchs, and Cuckoos too.

Rain Sounds In The Black Forest Rainforest

For six glorious hours of calming rain sounds, hit the Black Forest mountain ranges of Germany. The white noise sounds include soft thunder in the background as well—and we all know that’s the most calming sound known to humankind.

Dominican Ocean

For a nature scape with a scratch more energy, hit the soothing ocean sounds of the Dominican Ocean. Your location is Onda Beach (somewhere on the Samana Peninsula) and the tropical waves will help you majorly unwind after a busy day, Pina Colada optional.

Running Creek

You can ASMR your day up with the freshwater sounds of a running creek. And trust us, this one will make you want to whip the old rod from your garage and cast a line.

Ocean Sunrise

It’d be pretty damn sweet to wake up to a neon pink sunrise and the crisp sounds of the ocean and shoreline meeting every day but hey, we can’t always be on holiday. Hit up this audio-visual for a realtime sunrise showdown and all the zen you could ever need to tackle the day head-on.

Wind In Trees

This soothing nature scape takes place in the woodlands of Pennsylvania and is loaded with creaking branches, falling leaves and occasional bird noises. We’re talking 10 long hours of nature’s white noise. You’re welcome.

Campfire By The River

Not much beats the crackling of a campfire so feast your earholes on a soothing nature scape of just that. Joined by the call of a Robin (you’re back in Bulgaria), this sonic beauty is stupid delicious to listen to while you get your work hustle on.

Kayaking Down A River

Little did you know you were craving the sounds of paddling a canoe down a river. This peaceful POV nature scape spans a river estuary, ancient forests, birds and all the natural scenery you could need to soundtrack your WFH-situation, yoga session, study or sleep.

Tropical Sea View

We’re not going to lie, you’ll basically be able to turn your TV into a seaside window with this one. That is all.

Cricket And Grasshopper Sounds

You can bring back the most glorious sounds of summer with this cricket and grasshopper soundscape worthy of soundtracking your work day. Visually, you’re in for a non-looped recording of mountain flowers accompanied by the soothing sounds of grasshoppers, crickets, bees and other buzzing insects.

Fish Swimming

Take it under the sea with this mesmerising 4K recording of tropical reef fish. Recorded in Raja Ampat in Indonesia, this three-hour creation shows an open ocean video of a diverse range of fish slowly swimming in crystal clear water and around coral.

Jungle Sounds

In case you didn’t know, you absolutely need jungle sounds in your life. This nature scape brings you all the high definition sonic brilliance of exotic birds singing, buzzing cicadas and uninterrupted views of lush vegetation.

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Image credit: Veronique Estie

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