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Amp The Vibe While You’re Stuck At Home With These 24-Hour Animal Live Streams

By Jessica Best
20th Mar 2020

best live animal streams

If there’s one thing staying at home will do to you, it’s force you down a rabbit hole of unprecedented proportions. Maybe you end up on the dark side of the web (we’re looking at you Reddit), maybe you purchase an unholy haul of scented candles or, like us, maybe you enter the beautiful realm of animal live-streaming. Yep, welcome to heaven on earth.

Welcome to 2020, where you can freely stream polar bears, tigers, Moon Jellyfish and hell, even the Aurora Borealis (you know, for when you’ve worked your way through all the animal cams).

Here are the best animal live-streams worth watching.

Melbourne Zoo

Our mates down in Melbourne are also doing humans of the world a big solid, with a 24-hour live stream of animals inside Melbourne Zoo. You’ll be able to soothe your soul with all the furry and feathered animals but the main affair is the new trifecta of snow leopard cubs (scream). These bubs were only born a few months ago and trust us, even if you just catch them sleeping you’ll still feel more wholesome than ever.

Monteray Bay Aquarium

Monteray Bay Aquarium is physically based in California but you can hone-in on live-cams of its critters anywhere, anytime in the world. The otters are the big deal here with four young rescued female otters having just joined the zoo (they’re being rehabbed before returning to the wild). You can also catch a mesmerising stream of actual jellyfish to backtrack your working from home situation or join the early morning guided meditation with the moon jellies (this will also stay up as a pre-recorded session if you miss it!).


You’ve really hit the mecca of all live cams when you tap into Explore.Org. This multimedia organisation is a hub of more than 250 original films and photographs from around the world but you’ll be here for its epic live stream portal. From pandas, eagles, elephants and even puppies, you could very much fall down a deep hole here. And look, should you get through all the animal cams, there’s also a real-time show of the Aurora Borealis.

Smithsonian’s National Zoo

Three words: Naked Mole Rats. Smithsonian’s National Zoo may very well be closed at the moment but that doesn’t mean your real-time viewing of its animals will be stopped. Here, you can tune into its ever-popular lion cam, giant panda cam and elephant cam. Plus, if you’ve got some odd fascination with Naked Mole Rats, you can watch these underground crits burrow tunnels and lose their collective mind when it comes to feeding time.

Warrior Canine Connection

If the thought of being able to watch puppies in their clumsy and fluffy glory all day long gives you actual heart palpitations, look no further than the Warrior Canine Connection cam. This non-profit (and absolutely accredited) organisation fosters programs and training for service dogs and you’ll get to fawn over these pups playing and tumbling all over the place.

San Diego Zoo

Baboons, elephants, koalas, pandas, penguins and tigers. These are just some of the animals you can easily scope out all day on San Diego Zoo’s multiple live stream channels. It’s pretty hard to pick a favourite stream here but if we truly, truly had to, we’d choose the polar bears because how can you not love big bears rolling around and playing?

Lone Pine Koala

Koala’s people, and lots of them. Lone Pine Koala has six different webcams to get around pending your desired entertainment (little did you know you’ve always wanted to watch a koala cuddle train). There’s one dedicated to koala joeys, an outdoor area where the koalas quite literally just hang out and then a cam dedicated to close-ups so you can check out their claws, fur and beady but very cute eyes.

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Image credit: Chitbhanu Singh

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