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The Best Podcasts To Learn About Sex

By Sophia Richardson
14th Sep 2017


Gone are the days of consulting old mate Google on your deep insecurities and burning questions about sex. These NSFW podcasts are about to become your funny and smart AF BFF, so you can learn a thing (or seven) about sex. Once you’ve shared this newfound wisdom with your mates, you’ll be instantly crowned as the most knowledgeable on all things sexy time. It’ll be a proud moment, no doubt. 

Here are a few of our favourite sexy podcasts—you’re welcome.

Sex Talk With My Mom

Sex Talk With My Mom is like the NSFW (and more education version) of My Dad Wrote A Porno. This podcast shares advice on sex, hooking up and relationships from the perspective of a 20-something guy and his 50-something mum. As you’d imagine it’s super honest and super awkward, but absolutely in a good way.

Sex With Strangers

The host of this podcast, Chris Sowa, travels across the globe with one topic of conversation in mind for everyone he meets—sex. With each stranger that Chris meets, they exchange their own personal experiences and knowledge of all things sex. Think of this podcast as an international sexual smorgasbord of the best kind.

Savage Lovecast

Savage Lovecast is a go-to sex and relationship advice podcast which answers listeners questions but is also just hella interesting and relatable. Host Dan Savage has been doing his thing for 11 years, so flick through the archives and it’s almost certain you will be able to find the right podcast ep to answer that question you’ve had for years (you know the one).

Sex Lives

Sex Lives is the podcast that covers all the nooks and crannies of sex—we’re talking about lust, dating, coupling, fetish, technology and porn. By now it should be clear that nothing is off limits in this one. The host is New York Magazine’s sex columnist Maureen O’Conner and the podcast will leave you educated and damn inspired. No need to remove your mind from the gutter.

I Want It That Way

I Want It That Way is a podcast where any of those slightly uncomfortable but need-to-know topics like cheating, sexual health and sexual robots (yep) are all in one place. The podcast has a range of sex and dating tips from the pros and is straight up just interesting AF. 

Here are all of the other podcasts you should be listening to RN.

Image credit: Kelly Sikkema

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