7 Sustainability Podcasts You’ll Genuinely Love Listening To

By Jessica Best
5th Apr 2023

Well done to you. If you’ve ended up here, you must be making the move to educate yourself on how to live a greener lifestyle. To that, we want to give you a high-five (because so are we!).

And really, there’s no better place to start educating yourself on the environmental community, sustainable businesses to know about and zero-waste habits to start practicing, then with a podcast. They’re easy to digest, less overwhelming than trawling through endless web pages and super easy to action in your day-to-day. That being said, we’ve decided to round up all the best sustainability-focused podcasts that we reckon you’ll get the most out of so you can kickstart those good habits straight away.

Read on for the best sustainability podcasts.

That's Hot By Project Planet

That's Hot by Project Planet is a weekly podcast teaching you about what’s hot and what's not in the world of sustainability, giving you practical steps to make a real impact, ease your existential dread and help fight the climate crisis. The idea is to raise awareness about the costs of inaction on climate change, while highlighting the economic, developmental, and cultural opportunities, if we actively pursue plans to transform Australia into a global climate leader. It's hands-down the best (that's why we've popped her right at the top) so get your ears on

Live Planted

If you’ve ever been curious to kickstart the vegan lifestyle, peel your attention over to Live Planted. This weekly podcasts is all about introducing a space based on living a plant based life in the easiest way possible for anyone keen. Episodes span wellness, health, activism, environmentalism, cruelty-free practices, sustainability, animal rights and how to make it all work in your day to day.

Hippy Haven

Hosted by Callee, a zero waste activist and entrepreneur (she also started her own line of eco-friendly beauty and home products), Hippy Haven is filled with all the inspirational stories, facts and information to help kickstart greener habits. Episodes hit around the 30-minute mark so you can hit play during your morning run, walk or commute.

Green Dreamer

For those looking for cold hard facts when it comes to sustainable living, bless your ears with Green Dreamer. This community-supported and interdependent podcast dives head-first into biocultural revitalisation, the truth on palm oil projects, green energy and how to make the most of Indigenous science. Basically all the foundations you need to take your first step into mastering sustainable living.

How To Save The World

How To Save The World is the kind of sustainably-focused podcast that will give you life hacks for green living. You’ll join acclaimed environmental advocate Waveney Warth and award-winning comedian Tim Batt as they chat about everything from how to buy organic food for cheap and sustainable gift-giving to all the details on emissions trading schemes and EVs.

Zero Waste Countdown

We’re not going to lie, making that first step to live a greener life can be pretty overwhelming. There’s a myriad of information out there in the world, so how do you get your hands (or ears for that matter) on the really great stuff? Enter Zero Waste Countdown, the podcast that aims to showcase the best and brightest businesses and brands in the environmental community. Plug into episodes about LA’s Food Forward, an epic organisation that addresses food waste and food insecurity; Ferm Fatale, a shrub kombucha mocktail company offered in sustainable packaging; and Aura 7 Activewear, an activewear brand with garments made from recycled fibers from ghost fishing nets and other ocean waste.

Practical(ly) Zero Waste

As its name suggests, Practical(ly) Zero Waste is all about making zero waste living as practical as possible. Each episode discusses super easy changes you can make that add up to create a big difference environmentally. You’ll hear about all the different companies, products, habits and practices that make going zero waste easier.

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Image credit: Yanguang Lan, Li-An Lim

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