19 Camping Essentials To Lift Your Outdoor Adventures This Winter

By Jessica Best
2nd Jun 2021

collage of camping essentials

The phrase ‘all the gear, no idea’ is oft-thrown around the campsite, and while having that label slapped across your forehead is about as fun as hiking in flipflops, there’s also a case for being well-prepared when you’re out in the elements. 

No one likes getting (metaphorically or physically) caught out in the rain. Add these items to your shopping list before your next camping trip and we’ll see who’s laughing come pack-down on Sunday. 

Best Camping Chairs

Komodo Deluxe Camping Chair With Footrest

Price: $35.99

They say you can’t have it all in the bush but this camping chair gives you V-Max vibes wherever you choose to set-up. Sporting an insulated cup holder, adjustable footrest and a handy side pocket (to store your trusty pack of cards), this bad boy speaks for himself.

Regatta Great Outdoors Castillo Folding Chair

Price: $104.79

Nothing feels like solace quite like being swallowed up by a giant marshmallow and that’s exactly what you’ll get with the iconic Regatta Great Outdoors Castillo Folding Chair. This chica will rival even the comfort of your Ikea Frankie lounge and it’s deep enough to curl up into with a good book or hot choccy. 

Best Camping Stove

Gasmate 2 Burner Stove

Price: $68

burner stove

We’re not going to lie—we saw a highly Instagrammable travel couple use this stove in the wild once and that’s good enough for us. If you’re all about the camping aesthetic then nothing beats a canary yellow burner stove. But it’s not all looks and glam here, the stove features fine burner adjustment controls, windshields on three sides, removable cooking trivets and it even folds down into the teenie tiny size of a small briefcase.

Portable Charcoal BBQ

Price: $199

portable charcoal BBQ

We mean—who wouldn’t love this? The Portable Charcoal BBQ has a porcelain enamel firebox, cool-to-touch handles, a removable charcoal tray and just look at it, she’s beautiful. She may take the camp out of camping but grief can she BBQ up some mean veggies.

Ape Basics Single Burger Butane Camping Stove

Price: $29

Okay, we hear you—”just give us a damn simple camping stove that does the job well”. Well, we give you the Ape Basics Single Burner. This guy is hardwired to do the bare minimum with ample perfection. Not a sausage will go charred, not a stew will over boil. It’s camping food how god intended it.

Best Camping Tents

Mountain 25


four person mountain tent

You can’t put a price on comfort so throw your hard-earned money at the Mountain 25. It’s the attention to detail we love here so draw your attention to the glow-in the dark, colour coded zipper pulls, the reflective guylines, it’s lightweight structure and durability, plus the absolute ease in which it takes to build and pack away.

Coleman Instant UP

Price: $339

On the other end of the price spectrum—if we could have a love affair with a tent it would be this one. Wallet-friendly, rainproof to a T, bearing great ventilation and protective mesh screens to keep the bugs out, this tent has the tick of approval on all fronts (not to mention it takes only two minutes to set up).

Best Camping Gear

The North Face Himalayan Down Parka

Price: $600

north face himalayan down parker

For the cruisy price of your weekly rent—this parka is an absolute must especially for camping during the cooler months. From its weather-resistant shell, insulated insides, fitted hood and hidden pockets, this parka is everything you need for winter camping without looking like a bonafide Michelin man.

Reversible TNF Banner Beanie

Price: $40

To match, you’re going to want to keep your noggin’ nice and toasty with this lil’ treat. Equal parts a warm hug to your crown and certified fashion statement you and the insects can bond over, this lightweight woven knit is your answer to a great time the next time you camp.

101 Ointment Multi-Balm Minty

Price: $13.50

lanlolips lib barm

If Reddit says it’s good—then it must be. Lanolips is the OG brand giving life back to your lips and nothing screams a bad time while camping than a chapped pair of smoochers. Keep your ‘smackers nice and lush rain, hail, wind or shine and hey, you can also use it to touch up on any dry patches, cuticles, elbows and more.

Fifth Avenue Bumbag

Price: $39.95

Some things in life ooze more practically than others and the Fifth Avenue Bumbag is all that and more. From its camo design to its crossbody strap, this handy pack can mix it up as your ad hoc First Aid, a snack bag for short hikes, a safe place to store a pack of cards or even an easy way to store all your toiletries.

ThermoBall Traction Booties

Price: $130

ThermoBall Traction Booties are always a good idea for winter camping (we all know when your toys are warm, your body is warm). Made with recycled PET ripstop upper, a non-PFC water repellent finish, ThermoBall insulation for warmth and a rubber outsole for traction, these slip-on kicks are an essential camping must when the mercury drops. You can scope the men’s sizes here and the women’s here.

Best Camping Tech

HERO9 Black

Price: $529.95

hero9 black gopro

You’re not seriously going to go camping without capturing a few iconic memories are you? Didn’t think so. Burn some camping time by strapping this bad boy to the front of your bike, set her up for a timelapse of the sunset or dive deep into your creative flair and ASMR your sizzling snags and onions. 

Polaroid 600 Instant Camera

PRICE: $264.95

polaroid instant camera

Some say bringing a Polaroid camera is far from an essential need for a camping trip but we beg to differ. If it’s not about fending off the mosquitos or freeing your bowels in Mother Nature’s mighty abundance, then let it be about the sweet yet short-lived moments around the campfire.

Sonneberg Fire Starter

Price: $6.99

While you’re not totally inept, you’re not Tom Hanks from Castaway so—do yourself a favour and pack this firestarter.

Garmin 2-Way Radio

Price: $414.80

We mean, it’s a bit of a no-brainer. This tough mudder uses GPS and GLONASS for the absolute best tracking. If you don’t know what that means—it’ll basically give you a preloaded basemap, maps and hiking trails around you and it’s very, very water, dust and shock-resistant for even your clumsiest friend.

WACACO Minipresso NS Portable Espresso Machine

Price: $49

We may be camping but we ain’t savages. When you’re from the city, good coffee is an absolute essential so start your day off right with this portable espresso machine. You can use actual Nespresso capsules to prepare your caffeine of choice and that’s the type of service we absolutely love in the wild.

Best Camping Lanterns

ECOLANTERN Ecoxgear Bluetooth Lantern

Price: $199

This snazzy lil’ thing pretty much does everything except cook your own meals for you. Save some space in your pack with this multi-purpose lantern which boasts a 360-degree sound speaker and bright bi-directional light. It’s shock resistant (in case you knock it over from busting out those post-red wine dance moves) and has up to 20 hours of playtime so you won’t need to bring a charger on those weekend camping trips. You’ve also got an integrated bottle opener.

Explore Planet Earth 2400 Lumens

Price: $87.99

The rule goes as this—you can never have too many camping lights. Hit nature hard with this 2400 lumen LED camp light which will basically give you sunlight all night long. You’ll get an extension pole for this bad boy, a wireless remote control and a ground mounting stake too for all the security. She’s technically *not* a lantern but she’s so darn good we had to chuck her in anyway.

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