10 Cool Crocs To Shop Now Because You Can’t Resist The Hype

By Sammy Preston
20th Sep 2023

Unless you’ve been living under a sartorial rock, chances are you’re aware that Crocs, once castaways from the world of style, are now cool—very cool. So cool, in fact, that we’ll queue around corners for the latest rubber clog colourways, collect quirky Crocs charms (called Jibbitz), and Crocs collabs—like the new denim-inspired Levi's Crocs—are peak 2022 fashion.

They are Instagram accounts dedicated to the Crocs aesthetic, and new Crocs styles are bubbling up, like rainboots and platform Crocs for the club. Every designer brand from Bottega to Gucci and Stella McCartney has riffed on the rubber shoe too. If you’ve been resisting the irresistible, lean in. You won't regret it. They are, after all, extremely comfortable footwear.

Here we've collated some of the coolest Crocs (and Croc adjacent rubber clogs) on the market right now. 

Levi's x Crocs All Terrain Clogs

Price: $139.95

Cool CrocsTake the Canadian tuxedo to the next level with these denim-wrapped clogs from the new Levi's x Crocs collab. This collector's pair features ultra-cool Sashiko stitching—a traditional Japanese embroidery technique. Shop them here before they disappear

Crocs Siren Clog

Price: $129.99

Cool CrocsFinally, a comfortable heel for the club. Crocs' Siren clog will give you all the height you need without the torture of a stiletto heel or a wobbly wedge. Shop here

Crocs Classic Platform Clogs In "Digital Violet"

Price: $84.99

Cool CrocsThe Crush platform clog is a slick new design in the Crocs universe. There are a bunch of recently released colours in the mix too, from this violet to a smooth bone colour and a slime green called "Sulphur". Shop here

Crocs "Banana" Bistro Clog 

Price: $89.85

Cool Crocs

Once reserved for chefs and nurses (Amazon still includes this in the product description), the Crocs "Bistro" clog is 100% fashion now. Shop here

Crocs x Salehe Bembury Pollex Clogby "Cobbler"

Price: Approx. $933

Cool CrocsKeen to invest in some collectable Crocs? StockX is the place to be—and the latest Crocs x Salehe Bembury collab (due to drop later this month) is already there for a hefty sum. Pro tip: Older colours are slightly less pricey. Shop here.

Birkenstock Super Birki Clogs

Price: $144

Cool CrocsBirkenstock's riff on the rubber sandal has become a cult fave. We recommend checking stock levels here and here

Crocs Classic Clogs "Margaritaville"

Price: Approx. $153

Cool CrocsComplete with salt shaker and bottle opener Jibbitz, seriously, what other shoes will you be wearing on holiday this summer? Shop at StockX here

Crocs Classic Clog In "Blue Bolt"

Price: $69.99

Cool Crocs

The classic clog in a bright bold blue. You can't go wrong. Shop here

Crocs Classic Hiker Clog

Price: $99.99 $69.99

Cool Crocs

These grungy Crocs have a sawtooth edge, a bit of a platform, and heaps of attitude. Shop here

Crocs Palace x Rapha Classic Clog

Price: Approx. $138

Cool Crocs

Yes, even the cool skater kids at Palace and the ultra-serious cyclists at Rapha love their Crocs. There's no looking back now. Shop here

A final pro tip. Crocs are super popular right now, so it's likely your fave pair will sell out fast (really fast). We recommend checking stock levels and shopping for new colourways at the following retailers:

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