The Coolest Dog Collars In Australia To Up Your Pooch’s Style Game

By Arnav Giri
6th Oct 2022

A dog wearing a cool dog collar

Every dog paw-rent knows that buying a collar ain’t easy. There are endless different collar types, sizes and functions. But it’s not just that, of course, our dogs need to look cool too. With a stylish collar, our dogs will be drippin’ in swag (and maybe some drool).

We spend thousands of hours and dollars accessorising ourselves, so it's about time we find the right fit for our precious pets. We’ve done the work for you, and compiled a list of some of the coolest collars out there, to suit your pet’s specific needs. Grab your leash, and let’s go.

Rogz reflective nylon dog collar

Best Dog Collar For Puppies

Rogz - Reflective Nylon Dog Collar

Price: From $13

Puppies are as naughty, as they are cute. Thankfully, the reflective nylon dog collar from Rogz at Pet Stock is strong enough to give your pup a run for his money. Available in four sizes, and seven colours, it offers the perfect combination of style and safety, while ensuring your pup is comfortable. They also offer free standard shipping for metro orders over $25. Shop here

Best Extra-Large Dog Collar

EZYDOG Oxford Collar

Price: $29.99

We all know our larger dogs are gentle giants, and the biggest babies. And they deserve cool collars that are strong, comfortable and look good. The Oxford Collar from Ezydog is assured to make your pet look proper. With a full grain leather exterior, padded leather lining and a tongue buckle fastening, it allows for sturdy control for you, and comfort for your canine. Need it lickety-split? These guys offer same-day delivery.  

Ezydog Double up dog collar denim

Best Strong Dog Collar

Ezydog Double Up Dog Collar Denim

Price: $39.99

Sometimes, our lovely doggos are just too strong for us, but it’s alright. If you’re looking to gain a little more control, Ezydog’s Double Up Dog Collar Denim from Petbarn should do the trick. Offering high durability, along with soft and strong nylon webbing, it comes in medium and large, for different neck sizes. Their double-D rings bear the pull and ease the pressure on your hand. The cool collar also contains reflective stitching for night visibility, so that you never lose sight of your buddy.

Rogz snake collar purple reflective medium

Best Sustainable Dog Collar

Anipal Kylo The Koala Brass & 100% Recycled Dog Collar

Price: From $16.95

Protect your pet and the planet with Anipal’s Koala Brass & 100% recycled dog collar. With a mission to protect our Koalas after the bushfires, Kylor the Koala Dog Collar aims to stay resilient but is made from 100% recycled plastic and brass hardware. Not just that, but it’s also super stylish and comes in small, medium, and large sizes. Shop here

kinfolk personalised leather dog collar

Best Boujee Dog Collar

KINFOLK Personalised Leather Dog Collar

Price: $49

Someone better call Migos, cause these b****** are bad and boujee. Like we said earlier, our dogs deserve to look cool as. Kinfolk Leather offers up a personalised leather dog collar, with a brass nameplate. This collar is made from vegetable-tanned leather known for its strength and beauty, while also being rounded, smoothed, and sealed by hand, for your dog’s comfort. With a range of 9 different colours and multiple sizes to choose from, it is the perfect alternative to a jingly dog tag. Who knows, walking your dog with this collar could end up giving you some major street cred.Halti dog head collar

Best Dog Collar For Dogs That Pull

Halti Dog Head Collar Black
Price: From $26

As much as they pull on our heartstrings, some of them just outright try to pull our arms out of our sockets. But hold up, it’s not time to call the dog whisperer yet. Halti’s Dog Head Collar has been completely redesigned with a new “no-pull” function that is highly responsive and allows the dog to learn fast. And not to worry about comfort, as these headcollars are lightweight with a fully padded noseband and no heavy metal work so your dog can pant, drink and eat freely. It’s available at Pet Barn in four sizes, along with same-day delivery. Shop here

seresto tick & flea collar

Best Tick And Flea Dog Collar

Seresto Tick & Flea Collar

Price: From $45

Sadly, our beloved pets are sometimes plagued by pesky fleas and ticks. Seresto has developed its tick and flea collar to help our companions ensure they aren’t carrying some of their own. The active ingredients in Seresto are formulated for a safe steady dose-adjusted, water-resistant, and odourless release, that provides up to eight-month flea protection and four-month tick protection for your dog. Pet Stock offers free standard shipping for metro orders over $25, as well as a click-and-collect option. Shop here

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Image credit: Pexels, Rogz, Ezydog, Anipal, Kinfolk, Halti, Seresto

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