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5 Small Ways To Help With The Rising Cost Of Living In 2023

By Louis Costello

There’s no amount of instant coffees and DIY lunches to level out the playing field that is us versus inflation, but hopefully we can help soften the blow. While refraining from bougie brunches sounds great in theory, sometimes we need a little bougie brunch to treat ourselves. It’s all about moderation. 

So, here are some reasonable tips to help deal with the rising cost of living that won’t have you becoming a full-time hermit. 

Cut Down, Don’t Cut Out 

Again, no one wants to become a hermit–it’s lonely and how are you going to people-watch if you’re stuck in your home? Instead, a nice balance falls under becoming more selective about what occasions are worth splurging on, and what’s not. Hanging out with a friend one-on-one? Opt for wine and snacks in the park rather than tapas at a bar. Celebrating a hens party? Splurge, let your hair down a little. It’s all about achieving moderation that works for you without undercutting your social life.

Create A Dedicated Fun Fund 

It seems incredibly common for the average person to craft some strict, unachievable budget, only to completely blow it out of control once you spend even a dollar more than you planned to. Go hard or go home, as they say. Instead of setting yourself up for failure with a budget that has no wiggle room for the miscellaneous costs in your life (who’s going to say no to a spontaneous after-work margarita?), create a fun fund instead. Each week, set money aside for those last-minute plans that seem to pop up out of nowhere.

Think Twice Before Making Unnecessary Purchases

Do you really need the latest car with all the bells and whistles, or do you simply need something reliable that gets you from A to B? Do you need another pair of black jeans or will the five you currently have in your closet suffice? We’re all guilty of spending out of boredom–or for that dopamine hit–but sleeping on it, perhaps sleeping on it multiple times, will give you fresh perspective and nine times out of ten, you’ll realise you don’t actually need to buy that thing, you just want to.

Hunt Down Free Events In Your City 

It turns out you don't necessarily need to spend money to have a Ferris Bueller's Day Off-esque adventure. On any given day of the week, there's usually some sort of event happening that's free to explore. Art galleries, markets, free theatre in the park–there's never a dull day if you do some research.

When It Doubt, Write It Out 

Whether you’re feeling the brunt of peer pressure from others to go out when you can’t really afford it, or you’ve gone over your budget again for the third month in a row, make sure you’re taking some time to check in with yourself and how you’re feeling about everything. It can be easy to spiral down a rabbit hole when it comes to your finances, so if you’re on the prescibice of said rabbit hole, whip out your pen or your phone notes and start jotting everything down. Seeing your spending on paper (or screen) can be daunting, but it helps paint an accurate picture about where you’re at. Once you get into the habit of it, you’ll hopefully feel more in control of the situation.

Image: Urban List

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