Here’s How To Do A Digital Detox And Give Yourself The Ultimate Self-Care Day

By Holly Shin
23rd Apr 2020

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Just as you're beginning to feel like you've got this iso thing down pat, there seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel. Our busy lives will resume and soon enough, you'll be wishing lockdown had been just a few days longer. Give your brain the break it needs by taking a mental health day and disconnecting from technology as much as possible. You'll reduce your stress, get a better night's sleep and feel less FOMO, so give yourself a challenge—there's nothing to lose and a whole lotta lot of mental health benefits to gain.

Tell Your Friends And Family

Now, this is super important—you don't want your family and friends to think you've dropped off the face of the Earth and that they need to file a missing persons report for you ASAP because you're disconnecting. Definitely let them know a couple of days beforehand and even send a reminder message the night before to reassure them that you're fine, just taking a day off from technology. Your gran will be proud, because millennials these days and their technology.

Get Help From Your Flatmates

Let's face it, we're all addicted to our screens and that's just how life is now. If you know that simply closing your laptop and switching your phone off isn't going to stop you for more than an hour, enlist your flatmates for help and get them to hold onto your technology for the day—or if you're really desperate, they can hide it from you so there's no chance you'll be tempted. Out of sight, out of mind, because we're talking disconnecting from your phone, computer, Apple Watch, Spotify, everything. Pick a strong-willed flatmate and give them strict instructions not to bow to your pressure, no matter how much you beg them, or try convince them that you need it for X, Y, and Z reasons. 

Plan Your Day

We spend absolutely hours each day connected to our devices, so you're going to need to come up with a plan that'll keep you both relaxed (because it is a mental health day after all) and occupied. Planning will help you stay on track with your technology-free goal. Come up with a list of activities or things you've wanted to do for a while, pick up a book that you've wanted to read for ages or get some paint supplies if you're wanting to teach yourself a new skill. Then, decide exactly when you're going to do each thing so you don't feel too lost with all that extra downtime. Make sure you've got a non-smart watch to help you keep track of time since you won't have your phone.

Get Active

If you're really looking to give your brain a boost as you disconnect, you should definitely add a bit of exercise into your schedule for the day. Although your options are more limited, you can get back to the basics with a run, or devise your own exercise regime that'll lift your mood and keep you occupied. If you're not really one to exercise, print off an easy-to-follow workout the day before to have handy just in case you decide you want to get your body moving.

Do All The Catch Up

Remember those socks that need darning, and can we assume that the oven hasn't been cleaned in months? Now is the perfect time to catch up on all those bits and bobs you've had in the 'later' basket since last year. Yes, we see that pile of stuff you've shoved in the back of your closet, and we know there's cupboard somewhere in your house that everything falls out of every time you open it. Our personal favourite chore to avoid—cleaning out the fridge. Anyone else guilty there? Taking a break from technology is the perfect time to get all those other parts of your life in order which will make you feel so on top of everything in the weeks to come.

If you're looking for more ways to take care of your mental health, find your inner calm with this insanely effective breathing technique.

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