16 Of The Best Food And Booze Gifts For The Foodie In Your Life This Christmas

By Rick Stephens
27th Oct 2021

Often, food and booze is a go-to gift when you don’t know what to get someone, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put a little thought into it. From stocking fodder to that who-wants-to-chip-in-on-this one showstopper, there are plenty of ways to appease the discerning foodie that you might be gifting come Christmas 2021.

And yes, there’s a lot of booze in here, because we could all do with a stiff drink after the year we’ve had.

Starward Solera


There’s certainly something session-able about Starward’s whisky, and their single malt Solera is smooth enough to be taken neat, and rich enough to enjoy on the rocks. If the act of giving this very special drop doesn’t charm the socks off the receiver, the toasty caramel and vanilla notes sure will.

Rodney Scott’s World Of BBQ 


The art of cooking low and slow is having somewhat of a renaissance, and Rodney Scott’s debut cookbook will ignite the pitmaster in us all. In Rodney Scott’s World Of BBQ, the South Carolinian native will take you through traditional bbq methods and how to apply them to your own cooking—because not everyone has an eight-foot smoker or inbuilt hearth, right?



Make some room under the tree for a Bagnum—a collab between local legends Built To Spill and Urban List. Think easy-to-pour bagged wine that is every bit classic as it is boujee. Because bigger is truly better (especially when it comes to gifts), each Bagnum holds a whopping 1.5L of juicy Aussie wine from Sparrow & Vine with three wine varietals on offer. For anyone who lives and breathes the phrase “rosé every day”, you’ll want to get all up in the Bagnum Sangiovese Rosé, a seriously-crisp drop to pair with your next picnic charcuterie board. To pair with all your fresh seafood feasting,  there’s a citrusy Semillon Bagnum made for all your seafood feasting this summer.  Finally, for those who can’t shy away from a backyard barbie, the Nero D’Avola Bagnum is pretty much the only thing you need to pair with the likes of a thick steak or a sizzling line-up of BBQ pork chops.

Charmate Lawson Junior Charcoal Smoker


So that special someone might not need that eight-foot smoker if this is their first foray into the art of barbecuing, but you could meet in the middle and gift Charmate’s Junior Charcoal Smoker this Christmas. This entry-level smoker has all the bells and whistles any budding pitmaster would need, like hooks for smoking fish, chrome-plated racks and a lid-mounted temperature gauge to keep an eye on that heat. 

Ottolenghi Test Kitchen | Shelf Love


If you’re struggling to find a gift for the foodie in your life, anything Ottolenghi is a failsafe. Ottolenghi’s latest book is crafted alongside his superteam, and it’s packed with relaxed home recipes you can put together with what you’d commonly find in a pantry—that was the brief to his team when putting this one together, after all.

Charmate Ceramic Hibachi Grill


The last two years have brought plenty of trends with them—some of which have lingered around like a bad cold that we just don't need to talk about again—and others, like the popularity of the hibachi grill, we just can’t shut up about. For all intents and purposes, these things are essentially portable grills, fueled by hot coals, that have become a mainstay for searing and grilling the Japanese way. A perfect gift for the inquisitive foodie who’s always trying new things in the kitchen.

Yarra Valley Caviar Gift Box

From $45.00

Anyone on the hunt for a gift for the boujee foodie has come to the right place. Yarra Valley Caviar has done the hard work for you with several stunning gift boxes that come complete with two mother of pearl spoons and four tins of the good stuff. What’s more, you can mix and match your tins—though the first harvest salmon pearls and Siberian reserve caviar are both great places to start.

Home Grown Strawberry And River Mint Spritz


Home Grown is redefining what bottled cocktail one ready-to-serve spritz at a time. Made with a considered mix of strawberries, Grainshaker rye vodka and ØKAR Island Bitters, ​this boozy gift will appease even the most discerning drinker in the family. 

Tamar Ridge 2020 Pinot Noir


A bottle of pinot noir under the tree is a universally accepted gift, so if you’re going to go down that route in 2021, you may as well do it properly. The folk at Tamar Ridge are nothing short of masters when it comes to pinot noir, and their 2020 vintage is something any vino will relish in unwrapping. 

Philips Premium Air Fryer


This one’s for that all-in-gift where you call up your siblings to chip in. Not since the nutribullet has a kitchen appliance been so universally desired, and Philips is coming in hot with their top-end Air Fryer that bakes, grills, roasts, reheats and fries (but you knew that already) with minimal fat. It’s so fancy that it even comes with an app which features hundreds of recipes. Not bad, not bad at all. 

Everleigh Bottling Co. | Two Of A Kind


One of Melbourne’s slickest bars, The Everleigh, makes cocktails that bloody well that they’re now available by the bottle across the country. Come Christmas, the team has put together this nifty cocktail and glassware set that’ll look good under the tree, and damn fine on the table. The negroni pack really is a must-gift.

Good Pair Days | Twelve Wines Of Christmas 

From $295

A tipple every 24 hours over the silly season? That’s basically a given. Make sure whoever you’re gifting is drinking the good stuff with one of Good Pair Days’ vino advent calendars. What’s inside is a secret until you open it day by day, but what you can expect is plenty of exclusives and plenty of varietals. There are three ways to go here: classic, fancy and extra fancy if you truly want to gift someone with something from the top shelf. Each calendar comes with a picnic rug and a travel-sized cheese knife set. Nice one.

Four Pillars Gin | Christmas Gin Pudding


Yep, come Christmas 2021, we know you’re hoping they open this one on the day so you can get a little try, and we’re here to tell you that there is nothing wrong with a tactical gift. Four Pillars Christmas gin pudding is once again back for the year, it’s made with a healthy dash of their Chrissy Gin and it’s expectedly delicious. 

Delonghi Essenza Mini Capsule Coffee Machine


These days, a decent coffee machine won’t entirely break the bank, especially if you’re gifting one that takes capsules—and let’s be honest, capsules are consistent and usually taste much better. The Delonghi Essenza Mini Capsule Coffee Machine keeps things simple while making a top-notch brew in the morning. It’s also compatible with Nespresso pods. Big win. 

Koko Black 


Whether you’re gifting this advent calendar to someone else or yourself, there’s nothing like having a little Koko Black on hand. This one’s stacked with classics from the chocolate artisans along with several festive surprises like spiced eggnog and cinnamon. Remember, just one a day.

Hidden Sea Rosé


In 2021, a glass of rosé with your Christmas Day seafood selection still goes down a treat. Hidden Sea’s rosé is the ultimate unwrap-it-and-crack-it drop for the big day. The label also does a stack of good out in the world, working toward removing plastic from the oceans—so you’ll be gifting mother nature when you purchase this modestly priced number.

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