Ask Allira | How The Hell Do I Manifest?

By Allira Potter

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Welcome to Ask Allira, the monthly column where sassy psychic and badass spiritual and mindset coach Allira Potter will sprinkle her special brand of magic by answering your burning questions on all things love, life and wellness.

Allira, a proud Yorta Yorta woman, is here to help you remedy that heart ache, boost your self confidence and in this month’s case, help you manifest whatever sweet things you want in your life. Yes, you really can do that. Want to know how? Keep reading...

Q: Allira, what's the best way to manifest? Should I be writing things down, or making mood boards or repeating an affirmation constantly? Help!

Allira says: “I manifested being my own boss and here’s how you can manifest anything you want!” 

Social media platforms have been a buzz the last few months with so much on manifesting and it's honestly the hottest question in my DM’s at the moment. Trust me when I say I have manifested being my own boss, large amounts of money and even a partner or two.

So, What Is Manifesting?

Manifesting sits under the Law of Attraction and before some of you nod off… stay with me on this. The Law of Attraction is the belief of our thought process and how we can bring experiences, things and people into our life. For example if we are in a negative mindset and hold this thought of ‘I will never get this’ or ‘I’m not good enough’ we are putting out to the universe the belief that this is what we want to attract back into our lives. 

If we have this positive mindset of, ‘yes I am worthy of this’ or ‘I am able to bring this in, this is going to happen’ we are throwing out to the universe that we are able to attract the things we want to bring in. 

The Law of Attraction works in so many different ways which leads me to MANIFESTING! The question that I get all the time is “what is the best way to manifest?”. First things first, don’t over think what you want. Manifesting is all about us believing that we already have what we desire.

This time last year I was manifesting how to quit my corporate job and start my own business. I wrote down on a piece of paper the feelings I wanted to feel when I was my own boss. I started dressing and acting as if I was already working for myself.

How Do I Actually Manifest?

There is no right or wrong to manifesting, this can be as simple as you writing down key things that you want to bring in. If it’s money you would write down the amount you would like to bring in on a piece of paper and start to visualise that money already in your bank account. If it’s a new partner you would write down specifics of what you wanted in this partner including the feeling you want to feel when you are with this person.

For new baby manifestors, don’t overthink this, write down what you would like to bring in and know that you are 100% deserving of this. The universe works in powerful ways. My other hot tip is to never say ‘I WANT’ instead, say things like ‘thank you universe for bringing this to me’ or ‘I am allowing this abundance to flow on in’.

Then simply sign and seal it off baby with a big thank you to the universe!

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Image Credit: Allira Potter & Dom Lonsdale

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