5 Epic Money Hacks To Get You Over The Finish Line In 2021

By Morgan Reardon
15th Nov 2021

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Let’s be real, 2021 has been tough on your soul and your wallet. If you were one of the many people who lost their jobs or had their salaries slashed in the last two years, we feel for you. Rolling into the festive season with events galore and a never-ending Christmas shopping list can make you feel a little nauseous when looking at your dwindling bank balance.

But, fear not. Because we’ve rounded up the ultimate budgeting and saving hacks to ensure you can finish 2021 on a high, and trust us, they actually work. 

Jump On The Budget Cycling Bandwagon

A term coined by our money guru Emma Edwards, AKA The Broke Generation, this game-changing hack will help you save big. According to Edwards, budget cycling is similar to the principles of intermittent fasting, where you budget to varying degrees on different weeks. Some weeks you’ll live very lean, saving a huge chunk of your income and spending very little, and others you’ll save almost nothing and enjoy extra cash to spend. Simple right? Read all about it here.

Start Selling Your Unwanted Stuff

This is a no-brainer that just about everyone can do but many push it into the ‘too hard’ basket. That gym kit that you splurged on in lockdown but never used (same)? Sell it. The gorge statement dress you’ve worn once—yep, you guessed it, sell that too. It’s important to note that there are some skills you’ll need to master in order to earn maximum cash but don’t worry, we’ve rounded up this handy guide, packed full of simple hacks. You’ll score some extra holiday cash and start 2022 feeling fresher after a solid clear out. 

Slash Your Grocery Bills

While it’s been awesome honing our inner Masterchef during lockdown, it’s meant we now tend to go a little overboard during the old supermarket shop. If you’ve noticed your bank balance looking a little shaky after your weekly trip to Woolies, then you’ll want to read up on these shopping tips. And no you don’t have to live off beans and toast every day until Christmas to actually see some epic results.

Make Bank Online

If you’re anything like us, you spend a lot of time online—so why not make some extra cash while you’re there? We’re talking about getting paid to fill out online surveys. And before you roll your eyes, stick with us. Sure, you might’ve tried this before and didn’t earn much but we’ve found a goodie that’s actually worth checking out. PureProfile is a 100% legit site that actually pays real cash money for answering surveys. You can cash out once you’ve earned $20, too, so it won’t be too long before you’re seeing a return on your efforts. For more online money-making hacks, head here.

Learn Your ‘Wants’ From Your ‘Needs’

It might sound simple now, but with Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales clogging up your inbox and Insta feeds, soon you’re going to be whipping out the credit card to purchase your fifth pair of P.E Nation bike pants. But are they a ‘want’, a ‘need’ or an ‘in-between’? Money guru The Broke Generation is dealing out the sage advice yet again. And it turns out, you probably can work it so those P.E Nation purchases make the cut. Read all about it here

With all that cash that you’ve saved, you’re probably due a holiday. Find out how you can more than double your annual leave in 2022. 

Image Credit: Yoann Boyer

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