How To Start Running For Beginners

By Ben Lucas
24th May 2022

So, you have decided to give running a go. Congratulations, you are about to join a club that so many scoff at until they realise how amazingly enjoyable running can be. 

The biggest thing with running, is to take it slowly and build yourself up gradually to the longer distances. Lots of people get scared off because they feel that they need to go from couch to 10km in their first session. That’s just not the case. You are better off starting within a limit you feel comfortable in while you learn to enjoy the experience. 

How To Start Running For Beginners

Find A Track You're Familiar With

Some people love to explore, so running a new route will be exciting to them. Most though, realise that the further they fun, the further they need to run back, so when starting out, you may be best running in an area you know that is also close to home.

Practice Long Run Days

If you are a complete beginner, maybe start by running 5km and work your way up from there. Even if you need to alternate between walking and running, thats is perfectly fine. You just need to get your body used to going the distance. Build up your kms gradually. Especially if you are training for a particular distance for a fun run. 

Mix Up Your Training Styles

You don’t need to do a long run each day. Aim to do 1 x long run a week, 1 x sprint day a week where you sprint around 100m 10 times with a rest in between, 1 x speed play day, where you may run 5km, but you alternate between running fast and jogging or walking, a strength training day to ensure your muscles are strong enough to hold your posture while you run and of course a rest day. All of these styles of training will help you improve your run.

Sign Up To A Fun Run

Having a goal with an end date is a great way to stick to your training plan while you build up the habit of including running into your lifestyle. An event such as the Real insurance Sydney Harbour 10km and 5km is a great one, as it is a flat fast course, so it is comfortable for beginners and fast for those who love running and want to get a fast time.

Tips On How To Fit Running Into Your Schedule

  • Choose a time frame in your day when you know you will be available. If you know you often stay late at work, run in the mornings or at lunchtime, for example.
  • Choose an easy location: if it is easy for your to run near home, run there. If it is better to run near work, choose a location closer to work.
  • Put your training times in your diary and keep it like you would any other appointment.
  • Enlist a running buddy or sign up to a running group for accountability.
  • Sign up to a fun run so you have a date that you need to be ready by.

Tips On How To Maintain Your Running Routine During Wet Weather

  • Make sure your shoes have a good grip, you don’t want to slip or sprain your angle.
  • You may need to sacrifice speed for safety, when running in the rain, so don’t be hard on yourself if your time isn’t amazing while training.
  • Get a light water resistant wind breaker. It won’t keep you very dry, but the wind breaking element will make the run much more comfortable.
  • Embrace the wet weather. Rain can be lovely, embrace it knowing you will jump right in the shower as soon as you get back home.

Running Essentials

Now, here's everything you need to know about mindful running.

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