How To Call On Australia’s Supermarkets To Stock More Native Ingredients

By Jessica Best
19th Sep 2022

We do hope by now you’ll be well aware of the legend that is Matt Moncrieff.

The Yamatji man shot to fame after appearing on the most recent season of My Kitchen Rules where he made it to the semi-finals; concocting a three course menu with dishes titled ‘Voice’, ‘Treaty’ and ‘Truth’. 

Moncrieff, along with his best friend Kaitlin Pisani, plated up the likes of buttermilk fried croc with aniseed myrtle slaw and kangaroo loin with parsnip and saltbush puree. It was a big mic drop moment. 

Since filming wrapped, Moncrieff has kind of been ‘booked and busy’, so to speak, having started a very important online petition that you should definitely back, if you’re not already across. The chef has basically called upon the big supermarkets (we’re looking at you Coles and Woollies) to stock Native Australian ingredients and herbs like kakadu plums, lemon myrtle, bush tomatoes, saltbush, Warragul greens and more.

“I love how food brings people together and creates memories,” says Moncrieff.

“There is a unique opportunity for Australians to connect with Aboriginal history and culture through traditional food, with a modern twist. All we need is our supermarkets to stock these basic ingredients.”

Since his stint on My Kitchen Rules, Moncrieff says that he’s been “flooded with requests” about where people can actually shop Native Australian ingredients.

“The big Supermarkets have Asian, Mexican, English aisles but they don’t stock our incredible Native Australian ingredients. Why?”

And really, we couldn’t agree more. 

If you’re keen to celebrate Australia’s Native ingredients, showcase incredible Indigenous culture and champion traditional Aboriginal food, head over here to sign Moncrieff’s epic petition urging Australia’s big supermarkets to stock Native Australian ingredients and herbs.

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Image credit: Matt Moncrieff Instagram

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