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Forget Salt And Lemon, Here’s 5 Common Tequila Misconceptions All Haters Need To Know

By Jaiden Bhaga

Forget Salt And Lemon, Here's 5 Common Tequila Misconceptions All Haters Need To Know

Perhaps the most misunderstood spirit served across bars nationwide, a tequila tipple has long polarised punters. If you're already an advocate for the spirit, we're with you and if not, prepare to be converted. 

To break down five common tequila misconceptions, we’ve teamed up with Jose Cuervo, so you can get into the spirit of the season and re-discover this underrated drop.

Tequila Shouldn’t Be Served With Salt And Lime

Nobody likes to be left with a sour taste in their mouth, and if you can't handle the 'lick, sip and suck' of the accompanying salt and lime, we hear you. It's not for everyone. 

The good news is, high-quality tequila doesn't need either at all, in fact, it completely ruins the experience and authentic flavour of the spirit brands have worked tirelessly to create.

So, how are you meant to drink it, you ask? 

Don't Shoot Your Shot

Love or hate it, if you've only ever been shooting tequila, we have news for you—you've been doing it wrong this entire time! While there's absolutely a time and place for a cheeky round (as this writer knows all too well), quality Tequila is actually designed to be sipped and savoured. Like whiskey, to enhance the spirit’s subtle flavours, it's recommended you pour yours into a copita-shaped glass. 

It’s Highly Alcoholic 

Most will be surprised to know that, much like other spirits, tequila typically sits at 40% alcohol.  We know, we were shocked too. Perhaps a confronting case of quantity rather than quality. If the strength of the spirit is a little too strong for your taste, we reccomend adding soda water and complimenting with grapefruit. Or, opt for a magnificent margarita tipple on your next night out, and if you're in Auckland, you can tick your way through the best in town here.

The Older The Better

Unlike most, the age of tequila isn't the make or break when it comes to quality. The key to sourcing the best is the percentage of agave in the bottle. In short, the spirit can only be distilled down from a blue agave plant. So remember, the higher the percentage, the more perfect the pour.

What About The Worms?

While we don't know where this wild rumour started, we are happy to report and confirm they're no worms in traditional tequila. Rather, it's more common to find one in a mezcal bottle, another spirit distilled from various agave plants. Fun fact: they aren't worms at all but actually a variety of caterpillars! So rest assured, there's no risk of coming face to face with a creepy crawly in your next cocktail creation.

Ready to get into the spirit of the season and re-discover tequila for yourself? Whether you're breaking out the cocktail shaker or sipping the night away, complete your tequila tipple with a stellar drop from Jose Cuervo.

Editor’s note: This article is sponsored by Jose Cuervo and proudly endorsed by The Urban List. To find out more about who we work with and why read our editorial policy here.

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