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Everything You Need To Know About Netflix’s New Terminator Anime Series

By Jessica Best
4th Mar 2021

two people on motorbike, one holding gun

Some things are too good to be true and just when you thought you had 2021 under control, big news rolls in about an actual Terminator anime series in the works. Hell to the yes.

So far, here’s exactly what we know.

Although the reboot doesn’t technically have a name yet, we do know that it will be written by one of the writers from The Batman (with Robert Pattinson)—Mattson Tomlin. He’ll be working super closely with Production I.G, a Japanese studio famed for previous anime series like Ghost In The Shell, Blood-C, Guilty Crown, Eden Of The East and Psycho-Pass.

While there’s no word yet on whether we can expect Arnold Schwarzenegger to reprise his iconic role through the Terminator’s voice, the reboot will give the franchise an opportunity to break some big ol’ Terminator conventions so brace yourself for a new-age vibe.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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