Here’s How to Spend 48 Hours in Nusa Lembongan

By Laura Braulins


It’s time to chat about Bali—you’ve all been there once or twice in your lifetime. You’ve probably ticked Seminyak off your bucket list, and perhaps Ubud, Uluwatu and Canggu, too. But, what if we were to name-drop a little place called Nusa Lembongan? Would that ring any bells or are you more likely to think; ‘Nusaywhaaat?’.

Well, it’s your lucky day, because we’re giving you a little Indo-education on an island that sits 25-minutes south-east of Bali’s mainland, and gosh she’s a stunner with her sparkly ocean, majestic clifftops, and white sandy shores. With all the appeal of our Bali faves, minus the crowds, this is one location you’ll wanna add to your ‘been there, done that’ list. And when the timing’s right, you’ll be looking for some sweet plans to fill your schedule, so here’s our low-down on how to spend 48-hours in Nusa Lembongan. 



Of all the things that are beautiful in this world, surely nature is a lead-runner so do yourselves a favour and check into one of 12 spacious villas at The Tamarind Resort where modern design blends with the environment to immediately whisk you into that ideal Bali state of mind. If your room’s ready, take a moment to admire your private balcony ocean-view before embarking on a self-guided resort tour complete with all the ‘WOWS’. With two ocean-facing pools on offer, you may wanna keep a towel and your swimmers on standby.


Fuel yourself with a bout of nourishing cuisine at Tamarind’s onsite restaurant, Indica, in preparation for your mangrove forest bike tour. If you want our advice, the spirulina smoothie bowl will sufficiently set you up for an island pedal-sesh of breathtaking beaches, Balinese temples, iconic yellow bridge, and the local family compounds of Jungut Batu village. If you’re feeling up for it, you’ll have the option of a mangrove canoe glide at the northern end of the trip.


As your bike tour comes to a close, your appetite will probably reopen so steer yourself towards local fave, Lemongrass Bar and Restaurant. Chicken Satay, Nasi Goreng, Nasi Campur; hellooo, isn’t this what we all come to Bali for—the incredible Indo cuisine? Sink your teeth into a smorgasbord of your choice; no meal here will disappoint.


You’ll never feel more relieved to welcome a food coma to your life as this one takes your bod all the way to a horizontal pose beneath the palms of Dream Beach. Slip into your boardies/bikinis as you enjoy secluded ocean views, dramatic cave formations and limestone cliffs that we swear were created purely for Instagram #swoon.


Next up; drinks at The Deck Cafe and Bar, because when is a picture-perfect sunset view with a cocktail in hand ever a bad idea? The Jungut Batu Beach hillside provides the location as chilled house beats provide the soundtrack that’ll effortlessly soothe you into the dinner time hours.


Speaking of which, did we mention you’ll be dining beneath the stars? All your dinner dreams come true when you give Tamarind Resort permission to tantalise your tastebuds with the ultimate in moonlit BBQ cuisine featuring fresh fish, king prawns, crabs, squid, and lobster. All the noms will be flowing as you enrich your soul with a locally caught banquet courtesy of the island’s very own fishermen. Ahh, what a treat!



Double-check your travel insurance before signing off on a scooter for your daily mode of transport because first up on the agenda is a quick trip to Pepita Bakery where freshly baked cakes and pastries will fool you into thinking you’ve died and gone to gastronomical heaven.


Wait a minute, we spoke too soon; if Pepita Bakery is gastronomical heaven then you’re about to enter some form of foodie Utopia with the Tamarind Resort half-day Indonesian cooking class. Beginning the lesson in the local vegetable market, your chef will be dropping truth on all the best local ingredients, Balinese basics, ancient cooking methods, and flavourful dishes. You’ll be returning home all the wiser, with newfound skills that’ll have your memories floating back to Lemobongan from the comfort of your own home.


Now this may just be a hunch but when you’re visiting a chunk of land mass surrounded by azure-coloured waters loaded with tropical reef fish, we’re guessing you’re going to wanna get wet by means of a snorkel, riiiight? Well, you’re in good hands in Lembongan, especially when you head towards Mangrove Point, The Wall, and Gamut Bay of Nusa Penida. Local snorkel-spotting specialties include Manta Ray and sunfish so put those sexy goggles to work and spot yourselves some wonders. 


When you’re gallivanting around Bali, it’d almost be rude not to visit a traditional temple. Steeped in history, drenched in wisdom, Pura Puncak Sari is a Hindu place of worship perched upon the highest hill in Nusa Lembongan. There’s a slight hike to reach the top; wear comfy footwear and remember your H2O.


There’s no denying Bali and yoga are BFFs from way back so pull into local haunt, Yoga Shack, and unroll your mat. The hexagonal, bamboo design of this place will have your mind, body, and soul reconnecting within two shakes of a dolphin’s fin—ain’t nobody got time for a crowded mind when out there livin’ the Bali dream. 


As the mind settles after yoga, your 48 hours in Nusa Lembongan will soon enough follow suit. Thus, there’s only one way we’d recommend ending this trip—sunnies on with a bevvie in hand, amongst the chilled vibes of Sandy Bay Beach Club

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