Keep Up To Date With The Latest Victorian Border Restrictions

By Rick Stephens
17th Jul 2021

A busy Melbourne street with a tram shuttling through the middle.

Today, the Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews announced that you’ll need a permit to cross into Victorian borders, along with a ‘traffic light system’ which will mark areas of Australia either green, orange or red.

No prizes for guessing what red means, with Sydney and Greater Brisbane both marked as such. Anyone travelling from a red zone will risk a fine of around $5,000, while those in green zones will be allowed to make their way across our state’s borders providing they have a permit.

Those travelling from an orange zone, however, will still be able to enter the state provided they have a permit, although they’ll have to take a COVID test within 72 hours of crossing the border with an isolation period before the test and until they receive a negative result.

The ‘traffic lights’ will be reviewed daily in the aim to keep Victoria free of new cases.

Anyone currently interstate can apply for their permit here

Keep up to speed with more COVID restrictions in Melbourne here.

Image credit: Weyne Yew

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