Start Training For This Virtual Half Marathon Happening Next Month

By Ranyhyn Laine
13th Jul 2020

Woman in running gear

While in COVID-19 lockdown, we’ve done a lot of things virtually—from the standard work meetings to the more unusual cooking classes, trivia nights and birthday parties. And for anyone who may have taken up running in iso, we’ve got another virtual activity to add: marathon running. 

Ok, you will have to actually do the running in lululemon’s SeaWheeze Virtual Half Marathon and 10K this August, there’s no escaping that. The difference is, you’ll be running it alone, tracking your progress and your results via Strava and uploading them to a virtual leaderboard. 

lululemon’s SeaWheeze Half Marathon usually takes place in Vancouver each year, but of course, with large crowd gatherings off the cards for a while, the event couldn’t go ahead. The silver lining though, is that with the marathon going virtual, anyone across the world can enter, joining a huge global community of runners in lacing up and hitting the tarmac.

Online registration for the race is open now, and you’ll even get a training plan to help you get ready for the 10K or the Half Marathon once you enter, plus a medal for your efforts. You can run outdoors or on a treadmill, the only requirement is that you record your final run in a single effort between August 15 and 23. So it’s time to start training—and what better excuse to buy yourself a brand new running outfit at lululemon? 

The Details 

What: lululemon SeaWheeze Virtual Half Marathon and 10K 
When: August 15 to 23 
Find out more here.

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Image credit: lululemon

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