Here’s Why The Micro-Gifting Trend Is Exactly What We Need In A Post-2020 World

By Sammy Preston
18th Jun 2021

A collage of friends and micro gifts

In an era of border closures, grounded planes, and cancelled catch-ups—we’ve had to invent new ways to stay in touch, preserve and nurture our good friendships, and send out all the feels across the world to our nearest and dearest.

As well as things like Zoom drinks, intimate friends-only social media apps, and awkward digital dates, stacks of ideas have surfaced in the war against pandemic-induced loneliness and the distance between friends. Very few can replace real-time with your mates, but some, we reckon, might be here to stay.

Like micro-gifting, for example.

Not in any way related to micro-dosing—micro-gifting is a fun new way to let a friend know you’re thinking of them by sending them a small gift. While gifting is usually attached to holidays, birthdays, and Hallmark calendar days like Father’s Day or Mother’s Day, this new way of gifting is a little more simplified with less financial pressure and less showmanship. 

For example, you might like to send your bestie a 3pm pick me up like a cookie or a coffee. Maybe a glass of vino after a tough day, or tickets to see that new movie from their fave director. Micro-gifting taps into the idea that it's the small things that count—especially in a post-2020 world when it's the small things we've had to go without. 

Helping us to all get our micro-gifting into gear—and to share all the feels—is Shouta. This brand-new Australian app borrows from the very Aussie concept of "shouting" your mates, and modernises it, leaning into the micro-gifting trend and adding some much-needed 2021 tech into the mix too. 

Basically, Shouta allows you to send "digital" shouts between $5 and $250. Anything your special person will love, use, drink, eat, or enjoy (read more about how Shouta works here).  

Whether you are staying in touch with friends who are very far away, or you're gifting your work wife/husband something small to help them sail through to Friday, micro-gifting is one awesome new digital fix we'll be holding close to our hearts. 

Keen to give Shouta a go? The first 500 Urban List readers to download Shouta will score a cool $5 credit—use the code URBAN500 at check out to redeem. Download Shouta for iOS and Android right here.

Design credit: Dom Lonsdale 

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