Zen Out, Here Are 10 Yoga Mats You Can Buy Online Right Now

By Sophie Oddo
1st Apr 2020

Not all yoga mats are created equal—or so we’re learning very quickly after thre weeks of isolation and trying our best to stay fit and healthy at home. Turns out you can get mats that are non-slip, natural, colourful, more padded, softer, firmer, heavy, or lighter, all depending on your personal preference (and how much you want to spend). So to help you goldilocks your way through the yoga mat world, we’ve rounded up 10 yoga mats you can buy online right now.

Yoga Design Lab | Combo Mat

Price: $78

The only thing better than investing in a quality yoga mat, is investing in a sustainably made, quality yoga mat, and the team at Yoga Design Lab do just that. Made from recycled plastic bottle microfibers and natural tree rubber, they are part mat, part towel and completely non-toxic. The top layer is a soft and absorbent sueded microfiber (made from bottles) and it’s bonded to biodegradable natural tree rubber, so you can say goodbye to mats and towels. Sustainable and convenient? Yes please.

PTP | Pure Mat

Price: $69.99

Another eco warrior amongst us is PTP's Pure Mat—gentle on your body and the earth with controversial chemicals, such as phthalates, chlorides, dioxins and lead. The mat is also fully biodegradable and recyclable while still providing great cushioning so your knees, hips and spine are sure to thank you. Featuring a carry strap for convenient transport, there’s not much this mat can’t do.

LovEarth | Charcoal Yoga Mat

Price: $108

Coloured with Binchotan Charcoal, these Charcoal Yoga Mats are purifying and clean, shying away from the use of Carbon Black which can be harmful to the human body. Made from natural tree rubber and jute, these mats contain no PVC, PER or TPE which are dangerous for the environment and for us, so it’s a win win. Plus, they’re fully biodegradable and have a non-slip super sticky crosshatch surface, perfect for getting bendy.

Lululemon | The Reversible Mat

Price: $69

When it comes to finding the perfect yoga mat, it doesn’t get more elite than the Lululemon Reversible Mat. Made with a polyurethane top layer to absorb moisture and help you get a grip during sweaty practices while providing cushioning and grip with its natural rubber base, yoga never looked so inviting.

Bahe | Synergy Mat Regular

Price: $89.99

Perfect for the Yogi trying to perfect their practise, this Bahe mat features alignment marking so you can start to master every position. The closed-cell construction helps to keep moisture out of the mat, preventing bacteria growth and helping to eliminate odours as well as boasting an environmentally friendly construction. So you can officially feel guilt-free about adding this one to your shopping cart.

Mikkoa | Eco Yoga Mat

Price: $95

Be at one with nature with Mikkoa’s Eco Yoga Mat made entirely from sustainably harvested natural tree rubber. The top is made from an absorbent soft microfiber suede that means you can get all hot and sweaty without having to worry about slipping—perfect for when you can finally get back to your hot yoga classes. Plus, the gorgeous design will make you not want to roll it up when you're done.

Bowern | Savour The Sweetness Yoga Mat

Price: $127

If you were ever in search of the world’s most Instagrammable yoga mat, we think we may have just found it. Savour The Sweetness Yoga Mat from Bowern is designed for those who love to linger in life’s beautiful moments, with the design inspired by the Mediterranean and the beautiful pace of the magic coastline. This stunning mat is perfect for all kinds of yoga but truly excels in your most sweatiest sessions. Just don’t forget to take a snap.

Yoga Everywhere | Byron Bay Yoga Mat

Price: $129

If you can’t practise by the beach, we think the Byron Bay Yoga Mat might be the next best thing. Not only does this all in one premium yoga mat and towel feature a stunning aerial photograph of Byron Bay, it also features an absorbent microsuede layer on top of a 100% natural tree rubber base. Along with being biodegradable, recyclable and easily washable, there’s not much else we could ask for. Prepare to get sweaty.

Unite Nine | White Python Yoga Mat

Price: $120

We’re a sucker for any kind of animal print, so naturally, we had to have Sydney-based Unite Nine’s White Python Yoga Mat. Ideal for most types of yoga, this mat was designed for slippery sessions, providing tighter grip the more moisture there is. Made from biodegradable, recyclable natural tree rubber with a soft suede surface printed using water based fade resistant inks, this one’s most definitely at the top of our wishlist. It’s also free from latex, silicone, pvc, chlorine and phthalates, so there’s no hidden nasties.

Salt & Seed | Hemp And Eco Yoga Mat

Price: $89.95

Suited to all styles of yoga, Salt & Seed's Hemp And Eco Yoga Mat is not only eco-friendly but a wise choice for those with allergies and sensitivities. Extra thick and reinforced with highly renewable hemp—which boasts both anti-bacterial and mould resistant properties—thses yoga mats are not only practical but a beautiful addition to your workout space, echoing the grounding brown hues of Mother Earth. Namaste!

You got a floor, you got a yoga studio, so what are you waiting for?. Get your zen on now and thank us later.

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