5 Nurseries To Check Out This Weekend

By Rachel Lay
27th Jan 2017


In case you hadn’t noticed, plants are having a real moment. We’re kind of obsessed with them, and as such have spent the larger part of the working week researching which nurseries we’ll hit come Saturday.

Here’s our pick of Brisbane’s best nurseries to cure your plant addiction.

Now go forth and propagate. Plants, that is.

Mappins Nursery And Aquarium

West End

Mappins is—and we’re not even exaggerating here—a magical escape from the real world. Every inch of the store is covered with sprawling greenery, hard to find plants, and adorable green-babies you’ve never even heard of. The good thing about Mappins is that they specialise in indoor plants, succulents, and cacti so they’re fun to explore even if you don’t have acres and acres of garden to play with. It also doubles as an aquarium, so you can buy all your fish-related things here should you need to.

Oxley Nursery


Oxley Nursery is a gardener’s dream. We’re talking row upon row of Fiddle Leaf Figs for prices that won’t make you want to scream and run, with arms flailing, out of there. The nursery is expansive and stocks everything from cacti, succulents, and fruit trees to palm trees and even crazy-exotic flowers. There’s a cute gift shop out the front that sells adorable pots and terrariums, so you’ll even find a great gift here. If we’re being honest, Oxley Nursery has the best priced plants around town. Plus, there’s usually a selection of free plants out the front. Oh, and they also have those trollies that you’re Dad probably pushed you around in as a child. You know the ones.

Brookfield Garden Centre


It wouldn’t be a nursery round-up if we didn’t include Brookfield Garden Centre, would it? These guys are the perfect weekend day trip, really: mega-yum cafe Wild Canary lives on site, and the grounds make for some seriously picturesque wandering. Brookfield Garden Centre is more of a decorative plant and gift shop though, so if you’re looking to fully deck out your garden this may not be the spot for you. If you’re up for browsing and finding some seriously pretty plants, this is your spot.

Cottage Garden Nursery


Cottage Garden Nursery is just what it says on the tin. A nursery that feels just like a cottage garden, complete with claw-foot tub filled with lilies and koi. Aside from offering a pretty wide selection of plants—these guys do great indoor and shade plants—which require minimal care, FYI—there’s also an antique store on site that makes for perfect browsing. Expect things like milk bottles from the sixties alongside a sprawling hanging ivy. The Smug Fig also shares the space and whips up a mean breakfast!

City Farm Nursery


City Farm Nursery know plants. These guys are fully organic, and run on permaculture principles. Not sure what that means? Same. But hey, we do know that all seedlings and plants from City Farm Nursery are grown from open pollinated, heirloom seeds raised in their own mix of soil. Let’s just say that know quite a lot about plants. Hit them up for veggie seedlings, herbs, bush tucker and native plants, plants that bees and butterflies will love, and more!

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Image credit: Ariana Gillrie

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