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5 Totally Awesome Beach Towns To Visit This Weekend

By Danielle Read
17th Feb 2018

best beach towns to visit

Yes, we’re blessed. We know it, you know it, the whole of Instagram knows it. Brisbane is spoilt for choice when it comes to exploring new beach towns, but there’s something about visiting other beaches and their prospective beach towns that makes us feel like we’re light years away from the monotony of routine.  

Day trips to Currumbin Creek are fast becoming the last resort for Satur-yay shenanigans (I mean, not that we're really complaining—it's a stunning spot) and there’s only so many selfies you can take with Burleigh Hill in the background after a long lunch at Rick Shores (we're very guilty of the latter). So, what better way to spend the last of your summer weekends than by checking out this lineup of coastal cuties?

Here you have it, the top beach towns to visit this weekend.  


When was the last time you embarked on a serious adventure? No, we mean one packed with waterfalls, great curries and fishing flukes. Well, here’s your chance, bucko. Not only is Woolgoolga famous for its divine coastal vibes but its rich Punjabi heritage means you’ll find some of the best curries in Australia here. We bet you didn’t see that one coming. A long weekend trek to this eclectic beach town will take you a casual three plus hours but, who’s counting? Discover Woolgoolga Creek Falls, stroll the sandy shores and, if you’re lucky, cack at a comedy night or stuff your face at a food fest too.

Distance from Brisbane: Approx four hours drive south 


Not just a pretty face, Angourie has got it all, baby. Sprawl your epic picnic spread across lush headlands, indulge in an extravagant stay at Angourie Resort and lace up your stomping boots for some serious hiking in Yamba. Wanna check out that thriving sealife? Channel your inner explorer and hop aboard a kayak tour for an outing with a difference. Whisk away your lover, your bestie or your pooch and get all up in Angourie’s grill, hands down a beach town you’re gonna be all about.

Distance from Brisbane: Approx. three and a half hours drive south 

Lennox Head

If you wanna spend a day splashing in the sea and lounging in a lake, then Lennox Head is where it’s at. Just over two hours drive, this little gem is perfect for a summertime road trip meets refreshing dip. Catch rays by the ocean’s shore before dawdling across the road (literally) to Lennox’s Tea Tree Lake—more commonly known as the Coca-Cola Lake by locals. With waters marinated in the goodness of surrounding tea tree mangroves, the lake is given a deep taupe hue. All the better to sneak up on people in and pretend to be a shark, mwuhaha. And after you’ve finished bobbing around, get amongst this teeny beach town with a wander down the nearby main street. You’ll come for the lake and stay for the whopping ice creams dripping with creamy goodness. 

Distance from Brisbane: Approx. one-hour drive south


Did someone say ‘road trip’? This one’s worthy of a snack stock up, killer tunes and a bunch of mates that you’re pretty sure you won’t get sick of. Just below the Great Barrier Reef, 1770 is the type of beach town you never want to leave. With its expansive rugged coast line, ample wildlife and an annual bin chicken music festival, 1770 has something for errr’body. Wave goodbye to the cement city of Brisbane, the tourist apocalypse on the Sunshine Coast and hellooo to your new fave beach town.

Distance from Brisbane: Approx. seven hours drive north

Evans Head

Where river meets sea, explore secret beaches and sandy dunes at northern New South Wales’ Evans Head. If there was ever a town that reminded us of a Home and Away set, this is it. Sparkling bays, salty hair and picturesque afternoons gobbling down chips like the seagull you are. Aahh, Evans Head has it all. A hot contender for sleepiest beach town within driving distance from Brissy, Evans Head is the perfect locale for your weekend getaway, fit with waterfront camping spots bursting with serenity.

Distance from Brisbane: Approx. two and a half hours drive south

Heading to Angorie or Woolgoolga? Check out our list of things to do in nearby Yamba here. 

Image credit: Destination NSW —  Lennox Head, The Legendary Pacific Coast 

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