15 Of The Best Nurseries And Plant Shops In Brisbane

By Ranyhyn Laine – who always has time to go to breakfast, no matter how busy she is.

How much do we love indoor plants right now? Let me count the ways. Not only do our fave indoor plants make boring interiors shine, they require (close to) zero attention and they don’t break the bank, meaning you can buy all the succulents.

Because our Insta feed tells us that no stylish office, kitchen, living room or bedroom is complete without the inclusion of a fiddle leaf fig or rubber plant, we’ve tracked down where to buy the best indoor plants in Brisbane. Let the obsession continue. Just try not to kill them, ok? 

Saturday Fresh Marketplace


Wander down to the Saturday Fresh Marketplace on a warm Saturday morning to grab some fresh produce, fresh bread and your morning coffee. Something you won’t be able to resist adding to your shopping bag here is their array of vibrant leafy plants. Get in early to get the best pick of their cacti, jade plants and fiddle leaf figs.

Mappins Nursery & Aquarium

West End

Located conveniently close to the West End Markets is the one and only Mappins Nursery & Aquarium, the place to snatch up high quality indoor plants. Specialising in cacti and succulents, Mappins has some weirdly wonderful options that will take your interiors game to the next level. If you’re game, the sculptural ‘Medusa’s Head’ cacti is a showstopper.

The Nurso 


If you want to be so overwhelmed with plantlife that you may just decide you need a bigger house for all your new purchases, The Nurso is where to go. With no less than four hectares of indoor and outdoor plants to shop, they've also got an onsite cafe to grab a bite to eat at while you calm down and rethink your relocation plans (and maybe decide to buy a few less plants instead). There's even live music on weekends and regular creative classes if that's your thing. 



a shop full of plants

If you’re looking for a one-stop shop to satisfy all your plant and caffeine needs, you can’t go past Epilo. You’ll want to order up a chai latte, coffee, or milkshake from the coffee counter and take it up to the mezzanine seating area where you can browse ‘til your heart’s content for that one (or five) plant babies you just can’t go home without.

Oxley Nursery


When it comes to selecting indoor plants that cannot be killed even by the most amateur black thumb, Oxley Nursery has got you covered. From yellow leaf succulents to prosperity-bringing money plants, their drought-proof plant selection is sure to put any first-time plant owner to a good start. 

Brookfield Garden Centre


The Brookfield Garden Centre is one of the prettiest nurseries in Brisbane and offers a whole host of great indoor plants and gorgeous pots. But its biggest drawcard is that you can pair your plant shopping with delicious brunch at the enchanted Wild Canary café, less than 100 metres away.

Unveiling Poppy 

Daisy Hill

the front of unveiling poppy

The interior of Daisy Hill's Unveiling Poppy is everything we want our living room to be. A suburban oasis of rugs, woven light hangings, stunning pots and of course, endless plant life, it's the spot to browse for hours before taking home all your finds. Bonus it's right next door to St Coco Cafe, so you can combine a visit with brunch for an ideal Sunday outing.

The Plant Bunker 


Tucked away in the basement of an industrial building in Milton is this leafy spot where you'll find abundant plantlife paired with homewares, gifts and best of all, New York-style cookies which you can nibble on from the comfort of a cosy couch. Doggos are welcome at The Plant Bunker, and you can even drag your non-plant loving friend along to scope out their handmade earring collection and vintage finds. 

Little Fox Lane 


a shop filled with pots and plants

Aspley's Little Fox Lane is actual interior design goals. Full of perfectly arranged pastel pots and wicker baskets, every single one of their plants is the picture of health (seriously, how are their rubber plant's leaves so GLOSSY?), and will definitely meet your needs for an aesthetically pleasing plant shape (or is that just us?). As well as plants and pots, you can stock up on plant food and other necessities to keep your plant babies joyful. 

Oasis Plant Nursery

Kelvin Grove

The Oasis Plant Nursery in Kelvin Grove is a green space to get absolutely lost in. Wander down the myriad of tranquil paths and who knows what you’ll come across. We love the amazing bonsai selection alongside the interesting variety of indoor plants.

All The Green Things 

West End

This West End store stocks a sizeable range of gorgeous green goodies. However, plants aren't the only attraction at All the Green Things. While you're taking a relaxing stroll, perusing the shelves and looking at everything from hardy favourites to rare varieties, you may also have an absolute #blessed moment of meeting the shop's resident dog, Ruby. In fact, if you're as much a canine enthusiast as you are a plant one, you'll be able to stock up on pet-friendly greenery. Not to mention, there’s some adorable animal-shaped planters and pots here. 

The Borrowed Nursery


a warehouse style shop full of plants

There’s nothing second-hand about this forest green, rustic warehouse, filled to the brim with more greenery than you could lay your eyes on. You’ll want to do that forever-put-off house declutter before you make the trip to The Borrowed Nursery so that you’ll have space for all the fiddle-leaf figs, Bird Of Paradise palms, Devil’s Ivy, Dracaeans, rubber plants, succulents, hanging ferns, and plant accessories that you’ll inevitably leave with.

City Farm Nursery


City Farm Nursery know plants. These guys are fully organic, and run on permaculture principles. Not sure what that means? Same. But hey, we do know that all seedlings and plants from City Farm Nursery are grown from open pollinated, heirloom seeds raised in their own mix of soil. Hit them up for veggie seedlings, herbs, bush tucker and native plants, plants that bees and butterflies will love, and more.

Little Leaf Decor 


Plants and homewares are two of our favourite things, so we love that Little Leaf Decor combines the two. Here you'll find everything you need to make your living space totally Pinterest-worthy—pots in every size and shape, wicker plant stands, side tables, rattan furniture, and of course, plenty of plant life.  

The Soul Pantry


Plants, classes and a cafe—what could be better? That’s exactly what The Soul Pantry offers. A visit to the Stafford spot will help you deck your halls with plenty of greenery. As well as a range of indoor leafy beauties, along with pots to put them in, you'll also find flowers of both the fresh and dried variety (for those who love nature, but know that keeping something alive is beyond too much responsibility). There are a bunch of workshops on offer here too, so you can learn about everything from terrariums to living with plants in peace and harmony. 

Looking to take your plant obession out into the outdoors? Find our favourite flower walks in around Brisbane here.

Image credit: Eden Gardens, Unveiling Poppy, The Plant Lounge, Epilo, The Borrowed Nursery

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