Brisbane’s Best Hot Chips

By Catherine Blake
1st Jun 2016

Whatever you call them (hot chips or fries or frites), our favourite bar snack/meal side is so much more than fried potato sticks in a bowl. Our ardent love for this carby snack knows know bounds. Literally none. In our quest to find Brisbane’s best we are not above popping a squat right next to the fryer. And just serving chips is not enough, they must be excellent. How excellent? We want to be SEEING STARS by the second bite.

Enough chatter, here’s who made the cut:

#1 PJ’s Steaks

As Brisbane’s exclusive connection for the gooey pleasures of a Philadelphia cheesesteak, PJ’s aren’t about to go ruin everything with a dud chip. Their crunchy potato fries send sparks of joy through the roof of your mouth and motivate punters to be better people. No bull.

#2 Les Bubbles

Whether or not Les Bubbles’ fries will reduce you to a simpering puddle of joy is largely irrelevant, because for sheer magnitude Les Bubbles’ bottomless frites cannot be beaten. Seriously, no matter how many kilos of frites you manage to guzzle, Les Bubbles has promised to keep bringing you frites until you drop.

#3 Boucher Bistro

Don’t let the elegant exterior fool you, these guys do better fries than most gastropubs. Along with French classics from quail ballotine and roguefort soufflé, to bouillabaisse and veal sweetbreads, diners can tuck into a bowl of world class pomme frites at Boucher, clinically proven to increase virility with every bite.

#4 Getta Burger

Carina’s premier burgernaut offers more than just slammin’ burgers to be excited about. One serve of Getta’s smoky salted fries is enough to make you weak, but a levelled-up plate of Getta’s Filthy Fries could be a meal in itself. Warning: a commitment to the Filthy Fries is not to be taken lightly and will require your full and unwavering concentration.

#5 Ze Pickle

Speaking of levelling up, Ze Pickle’s intense fries have become pretty famous since their migration to Brisbane from the GC. Think generous dousing of IPA beer cheeze sauce, lashings of ZP’s house sauce and a smattering of crunchy little bacon bits that pop and sizzle around your gums like little flavoursprites.  

#6 Carolina Kitchen

Where there is chicken, there are fries, and cluckin’ hell if these fries don’t bring the stoke. Carolina Kitchen’s fries have exactly what we need and they sell them buy the basket. The New York Style skinny fries come with house chilli, cheese and a dollop of fresh sour cream, and are best eating by the double handful.

#7 Chip Tease

Brisbane’s favourite chip wagon rolls around all year distributing paper sconces of joy in every variety they come. Want sweet potato? Sure. Beer battered? Yup. POUTINE? You bet. Given half the chance most of us would eat chips for every course, and now with Chip Tease’s maple syrup and Chantilly cream toppings chips for dessert is now a thing #gamechanger.

#8 The Yiros Shop

Ever been halfway through a plate of fries and thought ‘It’s just missing something’. Is there not enough seasoning? Does it need a different sauce? Is it cheese? Yep, cheese is the answer. The Yiros Shop has struck on the partnership we never knew we needed: chips and feta. WHAT MORE COULD YOU FEASIBLY WANT/NEED/DESIRE/CRAVE?

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