Brisbane’s Best Korean Fried Chicken

By Andrew Yap
22nd Aug 2016

Brisbane Best Korean Fried Chicken

You might be wondering what makes Korean Fried Chicken different to other fried chicken? Korean Fried Chicken, otherwise known as ‘the other KFC’ is fried twice. So great, right? ‘KFC’ is also typically served with a sour pickled radish that acts as a palate cleanser. 

But enough with the food science, here’s Brisbane’s best fried chicken. Enjoy!

NeNe Chicken


NeNe Chicken is originally from Korea and has finally made its way to Australia! NeNe Chicken serves some pretty out there flavours including ‘swicy’ (sweet and spicy), garlic, bulgogi, lemon and ‘snowing vegetable’. They also sell $2 soft serves in either black sesame or matcha which are great post-KFC desserts. BYO cleansing towelette.

Chi Mc


Chi Mc is the newest kid on the KFC block, but, their name is a common Korean term formed from the words chicken and maekju (beer). Known for super fresh Korean Fried Chicken—in more flavours tha you can imagine! Candy chicken, anyone?— served with fried potato crisps, and huge beer towers to share between friends, Chi Mc is putting KFC on the foodie map!

Funny Funny


Before NeNe and Chi Mc was around, Funny Funny on Mary Street was—and is still is—some of the best Korean Fried Chicken in Brisbane. Funny Funny serves alcohol and stays open until 3am, so no guesses where your next midnight chicken fix will be...



Bullbar is another one throwing punches in the Korean Fried Chicken department. This underground Brisbane restaurant offers the usual flavours but sets themselves apart with their spicy fried chicken and cheese (holy hell it's spicy!), and their cream fried chicken which is criminally good! 

Korean Burger & Chips


Korean Burger's batter is a little thicker giving a great crunch with each bite, which gives way to amazingly tender and juicy chicken—this, chicken afficionados, is no mean feat. The soy flavour is totally on point and will be devoured almost instantly. Korean Burger doesn’t have much seating but does offer delivery, so you can kick back with KFC on the couch—yeeess!

Momo Chicken and Beer


Whilst there are endless restaurants in the Southern suburbs of Brisbane that serve Korean Fried Chicken, one of the few worth mentioning is Momo Chicken and Beer. They specialise in fried chicken that bursts in succulent flavour, served with fried crisps (not to be mistaken for just any old hot chip!), in true Korean style. Dig in!

Seoul Bistro


Ever fancied all-you-can-eat Korean Fried Chicken? Seoul Bistro is the answer to your feasting dreams! The KFC at Seoul Bistro comes in six flavours, and the buffet option comes with homemade lemon ice tea, a slew of sides and dessert as well. It’s probably a good idea to hit this one up on an empty stomach…

Bungle Bungle


Do yourself a favour and order the soy garlic wings at Bungle Bungle; totally the best ‘KFC’ item on the menu. Not only is it super tender, juicy, tasty and crispy (ticking all boxes here) but these wings are some of the cheapest in Brisbane, which obviously makes it more than okay to eat off paper plates with disposable chopsticks.

Still hungry? Here’s Brisbane’s best Korean food

Image credit: Maangchi

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