Penne For Your Thoughts? Where To Get Your Pasta Fix In Brisbane

By Ashton Rigg
14th Jun 2015

Bucci  | Image credit: Daniel Maddock

“Everything you see, I owe to spaghetti”. Brunette bombshell and one of Italy’s finest exports, Sophia Loren is living proof that carbs are not the enemy. 

Food fads may come and go, but a love of pasta is pure and everlasting. They were right on the money when they called it ‘angel hair’ pasta, and don’t even get me started on stelline. What other food group allows you to make constellations out of your supper?

If you believe that happiness is a big bowl of handmade gnocchi swimming in a burnt butter and sage sauce, bookmark these Brisbane restaurants for a session of carb-loading in the depths of winter. Or, you know… tomorrow. 



Our pick: Tomato Sugo and Toasted Walnut Tortellini. Walnuts? Genius!

Make some room in the freezer (and your belly) and stock up on the Youfoodz goodness this winter, or treat yo’self to a week of awesome lunches and bask in the glorious envy of your workmates. 

The tasty, toasty tomato sugo tortellini is not your average heat-and-eat meal. The slow-cooked sauce peppered with salami, capsicum and chilli invokes memories of getting your cheeks pinched by your Nonna, only this dish is ready in two mins flat! 


Garden City & CBD

Our pick: Pesto Basilico. Simple yet effective and light enough for lunch.

You’d be fusilli to overlook Vapiano. Once the novelty of watching your pasta being made right in front of you wears off, you’re still left with some damn tasty, fresh Italian food. 

From Victorian wines to Southern Queensland olive oil, Vapiano do their utmost to keep the flavours in the family. A new installment at Garden City means southsiders now face the quandary of choosing from 20 different, delicious pasta dishes. #prayingforyou


New Farm

Our Pick: The Linguine al Granchio. An iconic Brisbane pasta dish.

Dreamy linguine, scattered with spanner crab, chilli, parsley, and lemon…Bucci's iconic crab pasta should be on every carb-lovers winter hit-list.

The pasta menu at Bucci has swagger, but retains that rustic feel Italian's do so, so well. Bravo!



Our pick: Pappardelle al Ragu d’Anatra. Duh. 

Do you ragu? We know you do. Beccofino is the Godfather of Italian food in Brisbane and, along with Godson Julius Pizzeria, serves up the don of all ragu: duck pappadelle.

It’s rich yet light, filling but perfectly portioned. The modest pasta menu (because you really can have too much of a good thing and Beccofino know it) also stars calamari, chicken and artichoke creations. 


South Bank

Our pick: House-made gnocchi di ricotta with Italian sausage.

Pasta is a sensory experience and Popolo hits all five. With chairs turned out, European-style, you eyeball the sparkling cityscape and listen to the crunch of your tre formaggi arancini as you pierce their melty middle. You smell the delicioso saffron and sausage gnocchi before you see it and your tastebuds are warmed up, ready for a tiramisu finale. 

Oh right, there are five senses. Well, if you're anything like me you forego the cutlery and pick off your partner's plate. Because that's love. Messy, handsy, Italian love.

Il Posto


Our pick: Ravioli di melanzane, caprino e basilico. Molto bene!

Il Posto is a Paddington institution and, if Francis Ford Coppola taught us anything, it’s that you must respect the family. The service here is second-to-none; fast and oh-so friendly you almost expect them to greet you with a double-cheek kiss. 

Operating under a 'less is more' philosophy, Il Posto's handmade pastas are smothered in toppings like wagyu ragu and duck and porcini mushroom, but it's the goat's cheese, eggplant and basil ravioli in a rich tomato sauce that has us waving the green, white and red flag. 

1889 Enoteca


Our pick: Pappardelle al ragu and some zucchini flowers to start, thanks.

This restaurant e wine bar ticks all the boxes: Heritage-listed setting, Euro-centric wine list, and a menu that takes your tastebuds to the cobbled streets of Roma. It’s as far from alfredo in a jar as you can get. 

Woolloongabba’s 1889 Enoteca offers five types of pasta – one for each day of the workweek. Coincidence…? If you’re a minimalist, you will love the spaghetti cacio e pepe. Cheese and pepper. Done. 

Spaghetti House Trattoria

South Bank

Our pick: Polpette di Carne. That’s-a spicy meat-a-ball.

Fact: there is no such thing as spaghetti Bolognese. It may be common on many an ‘Italian’ menu, but it is a lie. The sauce you're seeking is called a ragu, which is said to have originated in the Bologna region. 

West End's Spaghetti House has found some shiny new digs at South Bank, but their menu remains true, tried and tested. They get the tick of approval for correct use of the term ‘Ragu alla Bolognese’, but our eyes are on those traditional veal polpette (meatballs). 

Want more of the best Italian restaurants in Brisbane? Search 'Italian' in our Directory!

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