Bliss Out At The Best Places To Float In Brisbane

By Kim Barnard
6th Sep 2019

Where To Float In Brisbane

Being a functioning human in the world who has like, a job, and rent and parking tickets (so many parking tickets, whyyy) is hard, which is why we’ve been looking for ways to de-stress other than adding another wine to the nightly rotation.

Enter floating. If you have ears and hang around with anyone vaguely health conscious, you’ll have heard of float centres popping up all over Brissy, promising a relaxing hour floating in a salty tank and letting all the worries of the world drift away.

If you don’t know what floating is (gasp!) don’t worry, we’ve got you covered here but just trust us, if you’re in the market for a bit of sensory deprivation-cum-stress-relief, treat yo’ self to a big ol’ float and never look back.

Obvs only reputable top-notch places are the go, so we’ve whacked our faves together for your floating pleasure. Enjoy.

City Cave

Fortitude Valley, Paddington, Mt Gravatt and North Lakes 

With locations all over Brisbane, friendly staff and gorgeous minimalist decor, City Cave is the ultimate relaxation destination. While your body unloads all its tensions and hits refresh on fatigued muscles, you’ll have the chance to truly unplug and zone in on some mind time, ideal for stress relief, as you drift inside the float tanks. Floating offers the ideal opportunity to practice mindfulness and meditation, because hey, what else have you got to do for those 60 minutes?! You can choose from a float tank or a float room or bring your beau for a good old fashioned couples float.

Beyond Rest


If you struggle with feelings of claustrophobia, this is the pod for you. At Beyond Rest, you reach your deepest relaxed state possible in the I-Sopod, the largest pod in the world—which happens to be the size of a small car. Kitted out with Chakra light LED systems, these technical tanks only enhance the already jaw-dropping benefits of floating. If you're the kind of person who needs a little more coaxing into relaxation, Beyond Rest's new Journey Floats might just be your ticket to a calm mind. Sink into the tub and listen to the guided meditation as your body enjoys being weightless. Mindfulness more your jam? Opt for one of their Mindful Floats instead and you'll reap the benefits of a full-body scan meditation. Either way, you'll walk out much more relaxed than when you walked in. 

The Float Space

West End

If you’re in West End (or even if you’re not) and in need of some serious down time, you have to check out The Float Space. With state-of-the-art float tanks and tricked up rooms that block out ALL sound (seriously), you’ll think you’ve died and gone to heaven. As you drift peacefully on your way to restoring your body and relaxing the mind, you’re guaranteed to hear no splashing from the next pod over. After you rinse off and towel down, stick around to continue floating on cloud nine as you relax in their beautiful chill-out room.

Float HQ


An hour-long session at Float HQ  will have you feeling like you’ve just hit the reset button on life. Bliss! The tanks here are a little different—what looks like kind of a freezer door opens into a square room full of shallow water, but you won't feel claustrophobic once the lights go out. The warmth of the water and the darkness work to transport you to a place of 100% relaxation where your mind is totally able to leave your everyday thoughts.

Bliss Float


Bulimba’s contribution to the floating scene is seriously stylin’—we’re all about Bliss Float's Hamptons vibe. But we’re more interested in spending an hour of bliss in one of their luxury Dreampods (only one of the most cutting edge tanks around, thanks).They also have a Dreampod Max, which is a supersized pod for those that need a bit of extra room to float, and why the hell not. Boosting endorphins and relieving muscular aches as you defy gravity, expect to shed layers of tension inside the tank. 

Fountain Of Youth


Fountain Of Youth offer a range of float sessions in excellent facilities, but what we really stay for is their ‘floatage’ service. Yes, it’s a float and massage combo and yes you need one. DEAD. If the elevated relaxation vibes of the float aren’t enough, try complementing your experience with a full body massage for the ultimate in treating yo' self.

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Image credit: Yaseera Moosa

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