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What The Heck Is Floating?

By Rachel Lay - 20 Apr 2016

Float Brisbane, Lutwyche
Float Brisbane, Lutwyche
Float Brisbane, Lutwyche
Float Brisbane, Lutwyche
Float Brisbane, Lutwyche
Float Brisbane, Lutwyche
Float Brisbane, Lutwyche
Float Brisbane, Lutwyche

Floating is no longer just a scene from that weird episode of The Simpsons, it’s a real thing that totally just rocked our world.

Working in digital means that we spend pretty much 90% of our days attached to technology and chasing deadlines.

Stress and technology takes quite the toll on your body, not to mention your mind, so anything that promises to remedy the ills of a stressed life style sounds good to us.  We were lucky enough to chat with the owner of Brisbane’s premier float centre, Float Brisbane, to find out all the deep dark secrets of floating.

I know right now you’re thinking: but, honestly, what the heck is floating? Well my friend, floatation chambers provide an environment free of light and sound while the 35-degree water is infused with relaxing Epsom salts. The salt means that you float without any effort so you can reach #maxchill.

Sounds fun and relaxing, but why does it need to be done in a floatation chamber? Can’t you get the same experience at the beach? Nope. The point of having a chamber is to create what the floating (and science) folk call sensory deprivation.

Creating stillness and silence means your mind is forced to slip into a state of total relaxation. Let’s be real though – the prospect of a dark, silent enclosed space can be a little too much for some of us more claustrophobic cats. But, according to Chris of Float Brisbane, “it’s more like floating in space than being trapped in a dark room.” But, Chris, we said – isn’t floating in space still kinda scary? “The experience is totally under your control. You can float with the lights on, lights off, door open, door closed; it’s totally up to you.” Floating is the closest us non-astronauts will get it seems.

Other than creating an environment totally free of stress, floating also does a whole bunch of other pretty epic stuff for you. Because of the magnesium in the water you’ll find that your eyes are refreshed and appear whiter, you’ll experience increased levels of dopamine (aka happy vibes), reduced muscle tension, lowered blood pressure and sleep better, every night. Phew – that’s a lotta good stuff!

How can one tiny little float do so much good for our stressed and run down selves? Well ~puts on science hat~ floating causes your brain to shift from beta state brain waves to theta state brain waves. In lay people’s terms floating makes your brain STFU and makes ways for more creative and productive thinking. Nice!

Floating isn’t exactly a secret though – heck, Robert Downey Jr has his own float tank (the exact same one as the ones you’ll find at Float Brisbane, mind you.), both Super Bowl finalist teams float, tech geniuses the world over are floating…you get the idea.

Want to try floating? Get in touch with the experts at Float Brisbane. Stay tuned to enter our epic competition to score yourself a free float!

Image credit: Rachael Baskerville

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