Where To Go For Your Last Minute Valentine’s Day Date

By Catherine Blake
9th Feb 2016

Brisbanes best restaurants Valentines day

‘CRAP! It’s almost mid February! I’ve been so busy bringing my A-game and fielding advances from Mitch in accounts that I completely forgot to book a romantic Valentine’s evening for bae.

Chill out, scout; we’ve done the hard work tracking down a venue indicative of your everlasting love flame. Here's 7 of Brisbane’s best restaurants to secure your last-minute Valentine’s Day booking. You’d better get on it:

Il Centro


Don’t act like you haven’t always wanted to come here. Get snazzy and treat your love connection to a delectable Italian repast on the water. Just make sure you do yourselves a favour by ordering Il Centro’s famous sand crab lasagne, rumoured to contain mystical powers that make you more sexually appealing.

Atalanta Bar and Greek


Why do the long-term couples get to have all the fun? The ancient Greeks pioneered the six different types of love, and only three of them were meant for bedfellows. In the spirit of the original free-loving democracy get yourself and whatever Gal/Palentines are keen down to the newly opened Atalanta Bar and Greek at Portside and spread the love like a peanut butter jelly. 

Les Bubbles

Fortitude Valley

Scrub up nice and get Parisian at the former bathhouse and current steak-haven of Les Bubbles. There’ll be champagne, there’ll be merriment, and those bottomless fries certainly that are a cheeky little METAPHOR for your perpetual devotion to each other. Boom. Put a ring on it.

1889 enoteca


With their award winning wine list, menu of Roman classics, and soft lighting reminiscent of the belle époque, 1889 enoteca is romantic in every sense of the word. Where better to celebrate the universal day of gooey eyes and forgetting your own name? In lieu of roses, share some stuffed zucchini flowers with someone special and a bottle of the finest nectar.

Julius Pizzeria

South Brisbane

Shakespeare had it wrong: pizza is the food of love. Whether you’ve managed to get an elusive table, or you’re tucking into their takeaway on the couch, Julius is brilliant to abate the last-minute romantic panic with their devilish slices that say more than words ever could.

E’cco Bistro

Fortitude Valley

Forego the notoriously rowdy dinner and make Val Day a long lunch at e’cco Bistro. Chef Simon Palmer has put together a special five-course degustation set menu for the day which promises to be fairly stunning and only indulgent up to the point where your pants have to be let out.

Ze Pickle

Fortitude Valley

Dodge all the other loved up couples and really put your relationship to the test with Ze Pickle’s Triple Loco burger but take heed: there is no delicate or sexy way to eat it. It’s a veritable meatbomb so intense they’ve substituted the bun and toothpick for two whole grilled cheese sandwiches and a bloomin’ steak knife. Share one of those or hell, have one each, and you are pretty much guaranteed to be partners for life.  

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Image credit: Katrina Meynink

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