We’ve Hunted Down The Coast’s Best Hot Chocolates

By Cayleh Ferguson
7th Jul 2017

Best hot chocolate on the gold coast

We hardly get a proper winter here on the Gold Coast, but we like to think we do. We wake up and put on our beanies and shake off the dust from our favourite coats and jackets only to shed all layers before it hits lunchtime. Some nights, we might even close our balcony doors. 

The decadent winter drink of molten in a mug, AKA hot chocolate, is the best treat on those rare days when Jack Frost comes to play. We didn’t have to look far to find the best hot chocolates on the Gold Coast. You can thank us later.

Elk Espresso

You have probably never heard of a Hot Chocolate Sphere, neither had we until Elk Espresso added the concoction to their recently updated winter menu. Imagine pouring steamy chocolate-infused milk over a ball of gooey goodness and watch it melt into a pool of oblivion. If that’s a little too much, you could try their white hot chocolate, Lindt hot chocolate or coconut hot chocolate. We won’t judge if you try all four…

Doughnut Time

This weekend’s forecast is for Chocolate Rain and yes it’s just as fun as it sounds. There is going to be a downpour at Doughnut Time because they now offer their version of a hot chocolate; topped with a frothy marshmallow dome and blow-torched to Smore-like perfection. It just might give their doughnuts a run for their money, but we’ll let you be the judge of that. 

Bam Bam Bakehouse

As if Bam Bam Bakehouse doesn’t have enough sweet and tasty treats to lure us in, they go and make an indulgent Nutella Oreo Cookie Hot Chocolate. Nutella and Oreos are a match made in heaven, and in liquid form, even more so. We don’t blame you if you pair it with a pastry of equal decadence because, let’s be honest, everyone puts on a bit of a winter coat. You can shred in Spring.

Plantation House

Aztec Hot Chocolate is the OG of the warm chocolate drink inspired by the Aztecs and Mayans who consumed it more than 2,000 years ago. All organic and served with chocolate sprinkles and marshmallows on top, the South American-styled cacao drink isn’t as sweet as your typical hot chocolates. More bitter than rich, it’s a healthier version if you want a drink without the guilt. Try it today at West Burleigh’s Plantation House.  

Marie Anita's

For those that like their winter warmers a little less on the sugar spike side, do not fear because Marie Anita's is here. Her Organic Hot Chocolate is made with vegan cacao chocolate sauce and organic full cream. If you don’t do dairy, you can choose your milk so it transforms into a dairy-free or vegan version. 

Local & Co.

If you are often torn between a coffee or hot choccy, then the Nutella Mocha-chino at Local & Co. will make your mind up for you. The best of both worlds will ensure you get your morning wakeup call and your cheat day treat for either breakfast, brunch or lunch. It’s acceptable at all hours and has the perfect ratio of coffee to cocoa. 

Vintage Espresso

For the dreamiest and creamiest white hot chocolates in the biz, get your tootsie on down to Vintage Espresso in Mermaid where they pump these out on the daily. It’s the perfect accompaniment to wash down something off their newly released winter menu, too. We spotted a Nutella pancake special but it won’t be around long, so go and get your white hot chocolate on. 

Double Barrel Kitchen

Ever heard of a Red Velvet Hot Chocolate? Yeah us neither, but at Double Barrel Kitchen they are serving up their hot chocolates with a crimson hue and it’s almost too pretty to drink! Made with raw cacao, beetroot, vanilla, cane sugar and sprinkled with cacao nibs, it could be a taste sensation you least expected when ordering a hot chocolate, but one you most certainly need to try! 


Marshmallows are NOT optional when it comes to Cowch’s dreamy dessert menu, with their hot chocolate offering being the most extensive yet! There’s every flavour under the sun from milk, white and dark chocolate to salted caramel, Cherry Ripe and choc mint. The deluxe version is topped with cream, chocolate shavings, marshmallows, chocolate sauce drizzled everywhere and served in an adorable 'cow udder' glass mug. We’ll just leave that right there.  

Max Brenner 

There’s nothing better than wrapping your mitts around a warm mug with hot liquid chocolate to warm your insides. Max Brenner (Coolangatta, Robina, Broadbeach, Surfers Paradise and Main Beach) prides itself on the culture of chocolate and their Hug Mug hot chocolate is as good as a hug from someone you love. In a novelty mug made perfectly for your hands to wrap around, it truly is heaven in a mouthful, or giant gulp. Whichever you prefer. 

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Image credit: Hayley Williamson for The Urban List

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